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Splitting Directv HD signal on one box out to 2 tvs

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Is there a way to make it full proof to split the HD signal using a powered HDMI splitter? I have read there could be problems doing this. I was gonna buy a powered HDMI splitter an 1 foot 24awg high speed and 30 foot 24awg high speed hdmi cable. I don't wanna spend $70 without knowing for sure that I won't run into problems. The 2 tvs are both Samsung. One is 1080i and the other one is 1080p. Could this be a conflict? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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What is "full proof"?
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Sorry for the poor grammar. The word I was looking for is flawless.
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Using a powered splitter should work. However, HDMI really isn't meant to be split like analog video. You have content protection and other things that may not work after splitting. But normally, you shouldn't have a problem.

You could possibly run into a problem with the 30 foot cable. That's not very long by HDMI standards, but it's starting to push the limit.
One is 1080i and the other one is 1080p. Could this be a conflict?

No, the 1080p tv will accept a 1080i input. So as long as the DirecTV box is outputting 1080i, you shouldn't have a problem.
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The key word is "should" work. I run a powered splitter in my HTPC setup, splitting the PC video output between my AV amp and a direct TV connection. The DirecTV DVR connects to the AV amp as well. You can read about the gyrations I went through in this thread:
- http://www.avsforum.com/t/1463355/hdmi-spliiter-issue-with-sony-bravia-lcd-tv

It mostly works fine, but every few weeks something in the system gets upset and then it takes a little work to reset things. The first connection I'll lose is the PC->AVamp->TV connection, I'll get no video display. The PC->TV connection seems to work all the time. Usually just unplugging/replugging HDMI cables will fix this or at most plugging the AVamp cable back into the TV then back to the amp. But every once in a while, the AVamp HDMI problem light will start flashing when hooked to the PC/splitter signal and at that point, I may also lose the DVR connection as well. In that case, usually a power off/power on cycle of the TV, amp and DVR will clear that up. Not sure what triggers these various issues, it'll work perfect one day then the next day some box decides it is not happy and stops working.

I have ordered an HDMI Detective box to run off the PC output to let it only see one good sink (I'll try loading the EDIDs off both the AVamp and the TV (both Sony Bravia models) and then see if that keeps the PC output happy to see if that makes the problem go away. I wish I could find something like the trouble code scanner you can use for a car engine computer to plug into the system and get a read out of what the problem is. The other thing I might try is to remove the splitter for a while and see if the problem persists or not.

With the 1080i/p issue, you'll get the least common resolution out of the splitter, so both TVs will only see up to 1080i. And you'll also get the least common audio capability as well. This is what initially prompted my use of a splitter as I get 7.1 audio via the AVamp, but only 2.0 through the TV. With the splitter hooked to both I only get 2.0 audio over HDMI. I guess this is part of the HDMI spec, the signal must limit itself to the lowest capable device in the chain.
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If u get a receiver that does dual hdmi out that will allow you to do it without question

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There are no DirecTV boxes with dual HDMI output....
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I'm running four TVs from one D* box and a 1 X 4 powered splitter. Only problems I'll have is during power failures or anything that causes the D* box to reboot. Gotta have the powered splitter and one of the televisions on before the D* box boots up or I'll have issues with the picture intermittently going black. YMMV, but it does work quite well. The powered splitter is a 30-foot HDMI cable run to a utility closet. From there, the sets are 5, 25, and 75 feet away. The 4th set is next to the box and is fed via component. One port of the splitter is empty. All run flawlessly (except for the power cycle issue, obviously)
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From what I've read, the major drawback is that the splitter will default to the lowest resolution TV connected. So if you have 2 1080p TVs and 1 720P TV connected to the splitter, you will only get 720p on the 1080P TVs as well.

Edit - I see this is not necessarily the case as long as the 720P TV accepts 1080P. In that case the splitter may keep the 1080p though it doesn't always work.
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