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Originally Posted by NWCgrad View Post

^^Thanks for the kind offer but I am good. I am moving back to the US in about two weeks, after two years in Cambodia. smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif Looking forward to seasons, other than hot-rainy and hot-dry.

I currently have both the miniDSP and the Behringer BFD DSP1124. Both are okay, but I am not enamored with either one.

I have a HT in Maryland in an L shaped basement (small part of the L) and am thinking about putting in a screen wall. As I move quite a bit I have to make everything removable with minimal repair work, our townhome will be up for sale the second I retire from the navy (5 yrs) and move far away from oceans.

I see. Why not a fan of the mini or BFD? Thank you for serving. smile.gif
Originally Posted by alittletank View Post

Have you settled on a remote yet? I picked up harmony 900 on ebay that we love. It is RF so walls and doors are not an issue.

Ive all but bought an ipad mini for my remote. Im going to test the functionality of all my equipment on my ipad 2 first. All of my equipment has ipad apps that, from what i can tell so far, are pretty robust.

It seems the harmony is a learning process in itself. How do you like it?
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Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post

It seems the harmony is a learning process in itself. How do you like it?

Its easy for everyone to use and simple to set up
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The guys over in the pioneer sc-1522 thread seemed to spend quite a bit of time on their remotes. I didnt pay much attention though so not sure what the isses were.
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I have often thought of using my Ipad as our theater remote. The functionality and flat out cool factor are tempting. The two things keep me from going that route are the lack of tactile buttons and screen light of the Ipad. I like that I can feel the volume and channel buttons on the Harmony 900 and can use them without looking away from the screen. The light of the Ipad is minimal and won’t affect the picture quality but it still messes with my eyes in a darkened room.
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A valid concern..... a good thing to pay attention to while testing with iPad 2.

Another issue I see is with the cable boxes DVR and on demand content. While their remote control app seems pretty robust it doesn't come without fault. For example if I order an on demand program, free or paid, with the iPad I still must confirm the selection with the remote. There's no way around it.

I'm also not sure if you can actually select your recorded shows and play them without the remote either. I know you can setup and organize your scheduled shows with no remote, but I'm pretty sure you can't play them. I know for a fact you can't play them on the slave boxes.

They are coming out with their next gen box though so some of that may change.

The rest of my equipment will determine whether or not I go iPad or a mix or a harmony style. It's all new so the latest tech should be there.
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FWIW my ipad is uncomfortably bright even at its lowest setting. The iPhone / iPod by contrast are very usable in a totally dark room.

My 2 cents (having used my fair share of remote apps) : tactile buttons are still the way to go although using an ipad to navigate a library of movies is probably way better than using a button remote. But for play, pause, volume, etc - buttons, all the way buttons.
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Have you seen the Pioneer remote app? Its, on the surface, spectacular.
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Got the rest of the wall built with the exception of the top section that will cover the subs. It's built I just need to cover it.

Got the patch work textured and ready for primer/paint.

Covered the front wall with speaker grill cloth. It cost a bit more than spray paint but the paint was too messy in the house. It was easier to just throw up some grill cloth.

Which brings me to my question. The grill cloth is from Joann Fabrics, so it's not a rare brand or anything like that. It doesn't completely cover the OC 703. While this is fine for the front wall because it's surrounded by false walls this won't look so good on the side and rear OC 703 panels.

What have those who have used this fabric done to prevent the yellow bleed through?

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Sorry to hear you've got the grunge. Sounds like the same stuff I had, and am still dealing with a little bit.. 5 weeks later..

I bought the same fabric and realized it wasn't going to work because it was so thin... So I ordered this instead.. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=260-332

Much more expensive, but I was only doing my screen wall with it. I used another fabric from Joann's for the acoustic panels.

If you want to pop over to SW Portland and take a look at my build, just let me know. Might give you some ideas.
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Yes, not only is it thin but when you stretch it stays stretched. I wrapped the frames of my walls a lot loser after the first because I didn't want warped material should someone push to hard on it.

That stuff you linked to is almost as much as GOM material. eek.gif

Thanks for the offer- I might take you up on it.
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I can say the more expensive fabric is worth it. I didn't even bother to cover the JM 814 fiberglass on my back wall after seeing just how black the Mellotone fabric was. Everyone thinks it's a sold wall.

Thought there would be a problem with light bleeding through the screen, reflecting off the yellow fiberglass and causing a glow around the screen wall, but it is not a problem with the fabric. Figured I could squeeze by with 3 yards, but found out it does not stretch very much, and came up short..whoops.. Somewhat painful waiting for 1 yard of fabric to arrive at your doorstep, when you're so close to being done...
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Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post

I see. Why not a fan of the mini or BFD? Thank you for serving. smile.gif

I had an issue with the miniDSP not always turning on with the system and just passing the signal unprocessed. I resolved by always keeping it powered and using a different USB power source that had a higher voltage. The BFD is just plain fugly! It is a very powerful unit and I could spray paint to cover all the graphics in the top; however the sealed sub build I am planning calls for a Linkwitz Transform circuit to boost the low end which would require the miniDSP (ie a Bassis but oh momma those are not cheap). I always try to buy Made in the USA whenever possible, so eventually I will probably have a Bassis for LT and Rane for PEQ.
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Just got the screen installed tonight. Tomorrow we're painting, and possibly hanging the projector.

All of the front speakers were wired up last night.

Still have the surrounds to hang, and the equipment rack to build.

After that it's acoustic treatments on the side walls and a bunch of tweaking the AVR/PJ.

Getting close.......

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iPad post when bazaar and all I cared about was the 40.00 dollar cigar I was smoking. biggrin.gif

See below for updated pics!
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Bunch of pictures- spent the last few days installing the built in shelves and getting the equipment for hanging the surrounds. Oh ya.... and we painted the room. Two coats of some wine color my wife picked out (and drinks coincidentally rolleyes.gif.)

The first couple pics are of the re-enforcement for the projector mount before patch work.

Speaking of surrounds....... these things better perform because they are big and ugly!!!

Anyways........ got three of the four surrounds installed and the built in shelves have one good coat of paint. The surround speakers wires will not be showing white when complete. Either covered by speaker or black wire loom.

Need to hang the fourth surround and give the shelves one more coat of paint. Then I can carpet clean and strip back all of the plastic and drop cloths.

After that I have a big box of OC 703 to hang. I'll start with the rear wall treatments. Last will be the side 1st reflections.

As soon as I can get my contractor to do so............ I 'll have doors covering the equipment area, and the area above that.

Speaking of..... that area will be for a popcorn machine and a beverage fridge. Plus some extra storage.

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Getting closer. Those speakers make your screen look small....

If you need anymore of that Joanns speaker grill cloth, you can have what I bought. I think there is 3 yards.
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The surrounds make the screen look small?

Thanks for the offer on the fabric. Ive got a lot of leftovers myself, probably 8-9 yards. Oops biggrin.gif

Im not sure if I'm going to use the stuff for my remaining treatments or not. I need to see how it looks with two layers and then check to make sure that wont be an issue.

For the last few days I've just been enjoying clean carpet and a 98% completed room.

Got a bunch of leftover mono price stuff sorted and RMAd today, a dune player returned, and an EQ returned.

Got a mini dsp on the way to EQ the subs, and Im waiting on some longer HDMI cables that will reach my AVR.

Once I take a breather Ill post some new pics and start the fine tuning process.
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So it's been back to work on a couple things in the theater.

I got my mini - dsp and spent a few days learning it. Had a couple hiccups, learning experiences if you will.

The auto EQ function in REW is pretty cool. a lot to learn, but also very simple to get started and end up with a flat FR... (once you connect it up correctly rolleyes.gif )

Still playing with the subs. I'm upgrading to the Triax as soon as it's available. That will require I switch up the front of the room a bit, as the Triax is too tall to go under the lower part of the screen and therefor will stick out in past the front false wall.

I might have to get two Triaxes to be symmetric... haha... Seriously I'm not sure how I'm going to design it. Maybe I'll just leave it open.

I got the two acoustic panels behind the LP built and hung. Quite happy with how they turned out.

I coated the front 2" panel with a dusting of flat black spray paint, painted the 1x5s, and covered them with one layer of speaker grill cloth. Then put 3 pieces of 5/8x5/8" to keep the two panels in their case. Their is a 1.5" air gap behind 4" of insulation. They do a nice job of absorbing some sounds from the from mains. The next addition, and likely the last, will be the side reflections.

Here's some pics..... even on of my dogs has her own chair, and loves the big screen. smile.gif

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Im stalled out. Been dealing with subs. Finally moving forward on that front.

Ive also been stalled on the alcove area cabinet doors. My contractors cabinet guy is slammed and doesn't want to do two doors, huge doors. A couple online shops have good prices but don't make them as large as I need them.

Not sure what I'm gonna do, but need to get on it as that needs to be done to get accurate first reflection REW measurements.
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Well, not much new to report. Been spending the free time building the subs. I put a link to that project in my signature.

Also building a media server. I went with an uNraid setup and started off with two 4TB drives.

Got a Blu-Ray burner and have started ripping movies to transfer to the new server when it's done getting the disks setup which should be today.
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Finally got an idea for my alcove area. Sliding bypass doors! I think I had a 6 month brain fart or something because it's such an obvious solution. In any event it will be very easy to install a set made of 1/4" plywood or the like. It's just something to keep the walls uniform, nothing more.

Got two of the four new subs completed, and the other two should be done tomorrow.

Next up is side reflection points and a ceiling cloud, in that order. smile.gif

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Got the bypass doors done, then realized that large 1/4" bypass doors were not even close to being rigid enough. SO.... I re-enforced them with 3/16" hardened steel.

Got the side reflections hung up tonight. 4" OC703 and a 3.5" air gap. Nice effect on the sound.

I also reattached all of my sound panels to the wall with picture hanging wire. I had one fall off on some heavy bass the other day. It was only hanging on three upward angled screws..... never had a problem until I put 6 18" woofers in the room. smile.gif

Here's some pictures.... The pan of the back of the theater shows some ceiling to wall corners that might be getting bass trapped shortly.

Here's some bypass door pics before the re-enforcement. And then after. They'll look much better when completed. Should be tomorrow.....

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Next up is painting all the white woodwork black. Buying the paint tomorrow! cool.gif
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did you leave the backs of those wall panels open? I feel like every where else I have seen those covered over. Not criticizing - just trying to understand.
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Originally Posted by JRock3x8 View Post

did you leave the backs of those wall panels open? I feel like every where else I have seen those covered over. Not criticizing - just trying to understand.

The sound panels or bypass doors? Im thinking you are asking about the sound sound panels and if thats the case Im not sure what you mean.
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Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post

The sound panels or bypass doors? Im thinking you are asking about the sound sound panels and if thats the case Im not sure what you mean.

sorry yes sound panels
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Originally Posted by JRock3x8 View Post

sorry yes sound panels

The backs are open, with air gaps once resting against the wall. Im not sure what youd cover them with. What have you seen?
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Someone asked me about the speakers in my room today, and I forgot I haven't updated this post since a lot of the little finish items have been completed.

I painted all of the white trim black, installed black cans for the lights in the ceiling, added more bass traps, got the bypass doors for the alcove area done, and some other minor finish work completed.

It's hard to see the bass traps in the back corner by the door because the lighting isn't that great. That was a real problem area. Bass build up in that area resulted in several more DBs than any other area of the room with the exception of the alcove area. So..... I did 4" thick straddled with pink fluffy placed behind them. There is one in the tri-corner (a 2'x2') and a 2'x4' on each side. I also upped the back wall panels to 6" thick and the first reflection panels to 4" thick.

In the alcove area I added a bunch of pink fluffy to help with the resonating of the bypass doors. I really need to cover that insulation with some black broad cloth. It's on the to do list. smile.gif

If you look close you can see in one pic I added a ceiling cloud too. 4x6' x 2" thick.

I still have a bit of work to do with the ~100-300hz range of my mains but I want to get the new subs up and running before I address that.

I'm scrapping the six 18" subs.

I've got four 18" subs on the way that are much more powerful, should have better sound, and won't end up directly under the main speaker tweeters like my current setup. The new setup will allow me to have them sit much lower avoiding high frequency reflections from the mains tweeters. I'll post some pictures of those when completed.

I also got another IPR2 7500 watt amp so I will have a total of 15k watts going into four 18s all on a separate channel for the ultimate flexibility when it's time to EQ them. Got all the supplies to add the second dedicated 20 amp circuit too. biggrin.gif

Things I plan to do in the future-
Replace all the false wall and sound panel cloth with GOM.
Add a long black cabinet under the screen. It will go from one false wall to the other and will house the amps inside.
Address the last bit of acoustical issues I have with the mains
And possibly add more wall to ceiling traps in the art room area. It really echoes back there, and that's the only space available without taking my wife's wall space for more panels.
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Added another 20 amp dedicated line for my other Peavey IPR2 7500.

Got a couple 12 volt trigger boxes built also. Used solid state relays and have to modify things a bit for better cooling. But it sure is nice to have the amps turn on and off with the AVR

Did a multi branch circuit and also separated a double receptacle so the top plug is a 20 amp circuit and the bottom plug is another 20 amp circuit. Pretty slick. I amazed myself on that one. biggrin.gif

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Relay Boxes

I need to make some mods to this and will update with pics and details when done.
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