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Originally Posted by Telemachus77 View Post

confused. Is the pn5700 a step UP or step DOWN from this one?

The naming convention is odd, but the pn5700 is a step up. It appears to be the same tv as the pn6500 but with more inputs and 3D/Smart TV functions.
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Come on guys, let's not kid ourselves.
This is a very good cheap tv (mainly due to plasma technology), has some technical marvels such as amazing viewing angles and weight/bezel comparable to (2 years ago) LEDs but BLACK LEVELS are an issue.

The only real solution is the pop-the-back-lid-fine-tune-calibration as mentioned above.

If you do that, you get one of the best PQ at a 400€ price.
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My brother just bought the 60PN6550, which from what I've been told is the same as the 60PN6500 but sold at outlet stores. He's already seeing some image retention from local news station "bugs" in the corner. He's been running break in slides for at least 48 hrs now. Does anyone know if there is "pixel shift" on these sets?
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@ortaknox. Yes, go into settings----options----ISM Method----orbiter.
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Come on guys, let's not kid ourselves.
This is a very good cheap tv (mainly due to plasma technology), has some technical marvels such as amazing viewing angles and weight/bezel comparable to (2 years ago) LEDs but BLACK LEVELS are an issue.

The only real solution is the pop-the-back-lid-fine-tune-calibration as mentioned above.


Okay, so I went through the thread and there are different model numbers they are tweaking. Has anyone done this on the 5300/5500/6500 LG models? I guess what I'm looking for is something like:
Set Va at 3:00
Set-Vn-pwr at 4:00

or something along those lines then I'll fine tweak it from there. Also, someone said to only adjust one of the "pots"...??????
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Originally Posted by mikelets456 View Post

@ortaknox. Yes, go into settings----options----ISM Method----orbiter.
Thanks, I'll be sure to pass this on to my brother!
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This is my review on this tv from amazon.com. We are really enjoying it but it does have that one annoying "feature." But for $750 I guess you get what you pay for, wish LG would release a firmware upgrade to make the it an option whether or not to turn the screen completely off when all black is displayed, probably too much to ask for though.

AUGUST 15, 2013
This review is from: LG Electronics 60PN6500 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV (Black) (Electronics)
So far TV is great! This will be my 4th 60 inch tv in about a month, first was LG LED-couldn't handle dark scenes(screen was fading in and out from really dark to really light) 2nd was a Samsung 60 inch plasma, great picture but terrible buzzing that could be heard from far away. 3rd was Vizio, cool smart tv with overall great picture but had really bad uniformity issues when there was a dark scene, you could see these light spots around the edges of the screen that extended towards the middle of the screen, very annoying and distracted from what was on the screen. So here we are 4th tv, I am not interested in a smart tv, all I want is picture quality. So far this tv is great, I set it up with the THX optimizer program (if you buy Terminator 2 on Bluray it has that program on it, I picked it up for 5 buck on amazon). I also use the website "picture perfect TV" which steps you through all the picture settings to get the optimal picture (according to them). I like their settings and think they look great. This is their website http://www.avforums.com/home/pictureperfect.html. Picture quality is great, black levels are really nice and there are no uniformity issues (light spots on dark screen) . There is no buzzing sound coming from this plasma tv, which is what made me take back the samsung. You can watch this tv from any angle and it looks great, I noticed the Vizio would wash out pretty bad at different angles due to it being an Edge Lit LED. This tv handles darkness very well, it doesn't fade in or out during dark scenes in a movie. Colors on this TV are nice and vibrant, again, picture quality is great. 2 HDMI ports is kind of a bummer but you can buy a 10 dollar switcher here on amazon to bump that up to 4 total so thats not really an issues. The TV has a color wash program so if you accidentally leave something paused for too long or watch ESPN with the ticker going across the bottom of the screen all day you can run this program to "was away" anything that is burnt in. It also has a pixel "orbiter" mode which will shift the picture on the TV about every 2 minutes to avoid burn in. You can really only notice the orbiter if you are watching a still screen. From everything I have read plasma burn in isn't really an issue anymore, you have to do something extreme to cause it, like leaving your tv on and paused for a week. As far as picture quality goes, plasma is the way to go, I have read and watched plenty of expert reviews that say plasma cannot be beat and I believe it. Out of the box the 2 plasmas I have bought have looked way better than the 2 LED's(which are really LCD tvs lit by LED lights but they call them LED TV's because they sound newer and can charge extra $$$ for them). Sound quality for this tv is pretty good for being a flat screen, not much bass but that is how tv's are nowadays, you will need a surround sound system or sound bar to really enjoy your movies. We pull the shades in the room that the tv is in to reduce the glare. This tv does have a mirror like look to the screen when the tv is off so it is way more reflective then the LCD LED tvs. This would probably be the only deal breaker for me, if you are putting this TV in a room that has lots of sunlight in front of the TV and you don't have any shades to pull. I personally could not enjoy the tv that way, because when we open the shades the glare is pretty bad, you can literally see yourself in this TV, so you either need to invest in some blackout shades or only watch tv at night! That would be the only negative to this TV so far. It is really slim (looks as slim as the LCD LED TV's) but it still way heavier. I think this TV is around 98 lbs where the LED tv's are around 60. One more thing about LED tv's, another one of the things that are attractive about them is they are the most energy efficient, but not by much. Most new Edge lit LED tvs this size use about $14-$25 PER YEAR according to the energy star sticker on the TV. This TV uses $34 PER YEAR so to me that is still pretty great. It gets a little warm when its on but it doesn't put off heat like old plasma tv's used to. To me $34 PER YEAR is a non-issue. I bought this from amazon.com for$750 free shipping no taxes, it was a great deal! The company that delivered the TV was JB Hunt and they did a great job. They called 2 days before the TV was going to be delivered to setup up a delivery time, and then they called 30 minutes before they arrived. The guys unboxed the TV for me and put the stand together, and put the tv on my TV stand, all at no cost to me! They asked me if I wanted to keep the box because they would haul it away for free but I said yes, I will keep the box. The original box is the best way to transport your tv, whether you are moving or sending it back because of a defect. In summary I will say it again, picture quality is great, that is my #1 concern and so far no complaints! I will update this review if it starts doing something strange.

UPDATE 9-2-2013

Apparently all LG TV's have a very annoying "feature" that cannot be turned off. The LG LED TV I bought and this LG plasma do the same thing. If you set your brightness settings to less than 50 your screen will turn off when it is an all black screen. Let me explain. The best example I can give is opening credits to a movie (one name in white letters displayed on an all black screen. When the movie will slowly fade from one name to another the tv screen will turn off in between names. This is not really noticeable during the day but at night it is pretty distracting. You get a TV off to TV on kind of flicker on the screen. I researched this problem and it sounds like LG tv's do this so that the company can boost their contrast ratio numbers. When you think about it TV OFF is the ultimate black level so they can legally boast very high contrast ratios. It is also very noticeable between "fade to black" scene changes during a movie. I have contacted LG about this problem and they just tip-toed around the problem, they just told me to upgrade the firmware on the TV, when I asked them what was included in the upgrade they said we can't divulge that information, didn't know I was dealing with the FBI of flatscreen companies, I have a feeling it was a more "important" way of saying "we don't know." I know an easy solution to this problem would be to set the brightness back to 50 or above, but due to the room my tv is in, that is way too bright and really washes out the picture. That being said we will be keeping the tv. This is not a big enough problem to return it and for $750 this is a pretty small problem compared to others I have experienced.
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Hey guys. Newbie here. I've got the 60inch 2013 (60PN6500)
My question is audio related. I recently bought a 2.1 Logitech speaker system. Nothing crazy. But I cannot figure out how to connect it. I don't have optical audio as an option on the speakers. The av/ connections don't produce any sound. I can however plug it into the cable box, but that doesn't give me any sounds for blu rays or Xbox. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance.
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Good day, what is the audio connection type on the Logitech 2.1? The only thing that I have found is a Digital to RCA analog audio converter (hardware) or Audio Adapter - 3.5mm Jack to 2x RCA Plugs (cables/dongle).
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Review of LG 60PN6550 Plasma. I had not found much information about this specific model. It seems to be a variant of the PN6500 series. It shares a common manual with the PN4500, PN5300 and the PN6500 series of plasma. This is not a Smart TV, no apps and no LAN/internet connection. The connections are 2 HDMI, 1 Toslink, 1 set of Component or 1 set of Composite, 1 RS-232C AND 1 USB. A thin, 3/4", appears to be plastic bezel , surrounds the screen. The red LG logo at bottom center of frame. This TV is heavy (73lbs w/o stand and 83lbs w/stand), definitely a 2 person setup. The screen is highly reflective. When the TV is on and you focus on a black area of the screen, you can see yourself with any lights on and during the daytime. My TV, on a North wall with an Eastern sliding glass door wall. So if "reflection" is a concern you will either close blinds/drapes and or turn off lights. I am pleased with the initial picture quality out of the box. I did run the Disney WOW disk briefly and made just a slight adjustment to a couple of settings. The suggestion is, source of materiel viewed is important to the quality of what you see. Currently Blu-ray/DVD is best in most cases. I hung on wall with a fixed mount and will be running the audio/video thru a Pioneer Elite receiver, Pioneer Elite Blu-ray player and the Pioneer SP52 series speakers. So far I am pleased. The only issue that I see so far is the "reflection".
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The converter box is going to be my only option. Not happy that the box will need to be plugged into an outlet, but oh well. Thanks.
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The reflection is definitely an issue if you have windows or lights near by. I've found it's best to have and lamps/lights coming from behind the tv but not always applicable or functional in some homes.

I have noticed some tiling during heavy high speed graphics (i.e some commercials/sports) Anyone else notice anything like this?
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Hello folks. I'm really loving this TV (got it yesterday).

However, I tried the following settings and the picture seemed off. Too redish for me. Skin color was flushed. I'm actually preferring just the standard picture without changing settings. Maybe this tough work week has made me blind. But I am loving the picture. Any recommendation? smile.gif
Picture Mode: Expert 1
Contrast: 91
Brightness: 48
H. Sharp: 15
V. Sharp: 15
Color: 57
Tint: 0

Expert Control
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Color Gamut: Standard
Edge Enhancer: Off
Color Filter: Off
Gamma: 2.4
Color Temperature: Medium
Method: 2 Points
Pattern: Outer
Points: High
Red: 14
Green: -12
Blue: -10
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I've got the LG 50PN650T. Was ok at 1st then after a few weeks the black levels went up quite high. Sent it back to LG for repair and they said it was fine. Got it back and had more faults so sent it back to store for repair. They changed the main board as it was faulty but black levels are still high.
I've used dve blu ray to calibrate (and picture wizard) and lowest black levels are half of the middle black bar on brightness chart. Panel light and brightness at 0 still has screen glowing! Putting eco mode to maximum gets black levels perfect but picture is too dark.
Any tips welcome.
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Anyone using this TV for gaming? how is the input lag?
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According to this review gaming is not recommended on this set.

"Gaming input lag hurts gaming experience"

"The 60PN6500 is not your best option for gaming when it comes to processing speed but it has no problem displaying fast motion objects without motion blur and the judder from side to side panning is not bad either."

I'm also interested in this TV for gaming. I have some doubt now.

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I game on mine. Xbox 360 mainly Halo and Madden and I have not noticed any lag. Is there a good test for lag?
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Originally Posted by Pepe Ram View Post

Anyone using this TV for gaming? how is the input lag?

It's fairly decent. I'd say the 56ms quote from http://www.displaylag.com/display-database/ seems about right. I play a lot of tournament level fighting games so lag is a fairly important issue for me. While I do slightly notice it, it isn't enough to mess with my game. If all you play is FPS shooters you won't notice it at all. Haven't tried rhythm-based games yet.

Question for owners of this set: What HDMI switch are you using? I've had a monoprice and 2 kinivos not work right with this set and it's driving me nuts.
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Got this TV (50PN6500) a couple of months back and so far so good except with the inability to properly passthrough DTS audio from its optical port to the receiver when using a HDMI port. 

The peculiar thing is that it can output DTS just fine when using the integrated TV usb media player.

On the other hand Dolby Digital is fine on all inputs.


Read several threads here on AVS and it seems it is a HDMI HDCP issue. The solution on many of these threads is either connect everything first to the receiver (which I can not do since my Sony CT260 does not have a HDMI input and output ports) or go into the service menu and change the AC3 EDID D/L submenu from PCM to AC3.


So I went into to both the service menus(both IN-START and EZ-ADJUST) and the AC3 option does not appear on either.  Can anyone else confirm that this option is missing ?


And if so, is there any other option that does the same thing on this set? Since it is clearly a software issue (since using the media player the optical port passes DTS just fine), there should be an option (albeit really hidden)  to change the default behaviour.


Edit: Using firmware version 03.24.12

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Originally Posted by LittleGuitars View Post

Btw, I noticed some slight panel uniformity issues, visible when doing bright coloured slides (I'm breakin in using the calibration slides) or all dark grey picture. Has any of you noticed similar difformity issues on your panels?

Nothing major, as I said, only noticeable under certain conditions.


I have noticed this exact thing as well.  I just got it and have seen the uniformity during the break in period (using color slides).  I thought I got a messed up set, I'm glad I saw your post.  With that said, I have noticed that they are fading.  I'm only on day 3 of the break in process, so still a couple more days to go.  I'll report back with the results.


My issue right now is with input lag...it's most likely in my head, because I'm sure my old TV had it too.  Who else games with this TV in game mode?  How do you like it?  For me, gaming with COD seems like there is 0 input lag, as where Gears of War seems sluggish, but maybe thats just the way GoW plays anyway.

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Gears is a slow shooter.
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Originally Posted by lynesjc View Post

CNET reviewed the step up 6700 model last week. I assume the review applies equally to these non-smart models.


Energy Saving: Off:
Picture Mode: Expert 1 or 2
Panel Light: 92
Contrast: 93
Brightness: 60
H Sharpness: 10
V Sharpness: 10
Color: 50
Tint: 0

Expert control menu
Dynamic contrast: Off
Super Resolution: Off
Color Gamut: Standard
Edge enhancer: Off
Color Filter: Off
Expert Pattern: Off [greyed out]
Gamma: 2.4

--White Balance sub-menu
Color Temperature: Warm2
Method: 2 Points
Pattern: Outer
High: Red -25 Green 0 Blue -20
Low: Red 0 Green 0 Blue 0

--Color Management System sub-menu
R: -6, 0, 0
G: 0, 0, 0
B: 0, 0, 0
C: 0, 0, 0
M: 0, 0, 0
Y: -11, 0, 0

--Picture option Menu
Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Black Level: Low
Real Cinema: On [greyed out]
Motion Eye Care: Off [greyed out]
TruMotion: Off




I have the PH6700 and the above setting are absolutely terrible. They are washed out and dark, this was not just my opinion but a whole household over to watch some football. Ended up putting the TV back on the "out of the box" settings. Now I am waiting for the Disney WOW disc to arrive since no one seems to know how to turn this model in.

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Did I get a bum display?

So I just received a used off amazon 50PN6500 for a nice deal.

I've set it up. Turned Eco off, done the wizard, cranked the brightness and panel light max but still have this issue: My panel just isn't eye searing bright!!!!

To make matters worse the set DOES NOT like to display a full white screen and will dim the entire panel if this happens. Let me explain: Lets say I have a small white box in the corner of the screen. It's VERY bright and looks great. However, if I start to expand this white box to take up the whole screen, the white progressively becomes yellow/dimmer and the whole screen just dims in brightness.

Do I have a bum power supply? A bum set? Or is this just how LG plasmas or other plasmas work and they don't like displaying full white?

I REALLY notice this when I'm surfing on the 50PN6500. And I moderately notice this while watching TV/Movie. The set just isn't that bright! Even when I've turned all my lights in the room off frown.gif

ABL Automatic Brightness Limiter... aka BS IMO mad.gif
This is what I'm experiencing. Even my non-picky wife notices it and dislikes it a lot which is saying a ton.

-edit # 2
Couldn't find out how to get into the service menu for any additional tweaks.

Gamed on it a bit this afternoon. Watched a bit of TV. Tried to live with it. Just can't force myself. I'll go back to living with my gray-blacks of my poverty 60hz LCD for now. Now I'm gun shy with the whole Plasma thing. I've wanted one since.. well.. 2009? frown.gif Just didn't wanna pay the entry price. Almost tempted now to get the 50" Panasonic ST60, but screw it if it has ABL!!!

Took me less than 5 min to schedule UPS to come to my house and pick it up tomorrow. God I love you Amazon biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
Edited by mike 01hawk - 10/13/13 at 3:12pm
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Hello everyone :)


I just got the LG 50PN650T, and to my dissapointment I see a very annoying flashing green pixel on the upper right side of the screen. Funny thing is that the pixel itself seems intact and displays all colors, and the flashing actually stops when the TV is set to MAXIMUM power save mode (or something like that). Seems the flashing is directly related to the amount of electrical current in the panel. Does this make sense? Any ideas?

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I get green pixels over whole screen on black parts of picture if my brightness is too high.
Notice it more using the dve bluray brightness pattern.
How are the black levels on your tv Julekake?
As I have same model and mine are high.
Got this tv in may and its had 3 repairs so far, only way to get black levels down is to switch on maximum Eco mode but whole pics too dark.
Also when titles from tv/disc are white and backgrounds black/grey the words ghost across.
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So I was playing GTA 5 on my 50PN6500 that I have had 13 months and the tv justs turns off. Now whenever I turn it on it turns back off after 5-30 seconds.  Anyone know whats going on?

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Originally Posted by lohanette View Post

I get green pixels over whole screen on black parts of picture if my brightness is too high.
Notice it more using the dve bluray brightness pattern.
How are the black levels on your tv Julekake?
As I have same model and mine are high.
Got this tv in may and its had 3 repairs so far, only way to get black levels down is to switch on maximum Eco mode but whole pics too dark.
Also when titles from tv/disc are white and backgrounds black/grey the words ghost across.

I'm not exactly impressed by the black levels on this set, but to my newbie eyes it's black enough. I've been trying to fix the green pixel by flashing video on screen and running break-in slides for about 20 hours now. It seems futile, so i figure this one is going back to the dealer. I have to say though, for the price, it seems this TV is capable of giving one hell of a decent picture! 

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Can people who game alot comment on whether they have issues with image retention or not.
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Julekake hope replacements better.
I got mine from currys and after 2 days had problems (flickering blacks and judder) and currys sent replacement tv which was worse.
It went to LG for repair and they said "TV is within our specs".
TV came back worse.
Black levels still high, but tv was getting really hot and buzzing loudly.
Currys knowhow team came and took it for repair and said it'll be back 7 days later.
After a few days I was told they was waiting for a new back as repair guy broke it, but tv is fine.
I told engineer about the buzzing, heat and black levels.
I told him my guess the heat and buzzing is something burning out and to check it again.
30 mins later he called back to say the main board just went up in flames!
Anyway 7 day repair finally took 30 days and was told by currys/knowhow "any longer then 28 and new tv would be sent out" but I didn't and couldn't because they changed their minds.
Anyway tv is still the same, but no heat or buzzing.
Only way to each films at night with some black level is to turn Eco on max.
My 4year old sony LCD produces better blacks.
Haven't had back off to adjust the pots but am tempted.
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Originally Posted by pioneer 1985 View Post


Can people who game alot comment on whether they have issues with image retention or not.

I play driver San Fran a lot and have orbiter setting on.
Sometimes I get image retention with 2.35 films, dont notice it with ps, but it soon goes.
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