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HTPC Full ATX Case!! Please Help!

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Hi All,

I am a new poster to AVS however i have used other forums before and i'm a great believer in exhausting Google before posting however i am at a loss.

I'm in the process of putting together an amazing Home Theatre, but the part i am currently struggling with is finding a suitable case for my gaming rig. Currently housed in a ThermalTake Element T case which is brilliant but the dimensions are way too big for any AV cabinet i've seen.

I'd like to move the whole system to a much neater case that will look the part along side the rest of my kit. The problem is this: I have a Full ATX MB and a CPU cooler that needs 165mm of clearance. The part i struggle with is finding those requirements available in a case no deeper than 370mm. AV cabinet is 400mm deep. Height and Width shouldn't really be an issue.

I'm building a server for file and media sharing using the Fractal Design Node 605 case, this will look perfect next to my Denon AVR3313. I just need something i can squeeze my gaming components in to. mad.gif

I've checked Silverstone, Lian Li, Cooler Master and many others, but that's not to say I've looked at everything.

Any questions please just ask.

I look forward to discussing further.biggrin.gif

Many thanks
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Akasa Cavalry

The depth of these cases is ~380mm. There is no ATX (tower or desktop) case with depth <=370mm.
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Thanks for the rapid response reneth x, i did spot the X500 by Lian but can't see it available anywhere in the UK. I have e-mailed Lian about this.

The other two options seem to fit the bill, just need to confirm CPU cooler clearance.

Just to clarify, when i say full ATX i'm referring to the MB, the case can come in any size or form factor.

Can anyone recommend something similar to the Silverstone Tek GD07 or the Fractal Design Node 605?



There are so many options out there, surely there's something for my needs. There may not be..... confused.gif
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The max CPU cooler height is 138mm, 125mm inside GD07 (too deep anyway), Node 605. Perhaps you'd better change the cooler to, say, SilverStone NT01-PRO (supports up to a 150W processor quietly and nicely fits most HTPC cases).
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Thanks again renethx,

I went for the ThermalRight Macho HR-02 to help keep my OC'd i7-2600K @ 4.4GHz from melting and it does a great job. It'd be a shame to have to spend more money on a compatible cooler if i can't find a suitable case. I spent a lot of time comparing products when i did the initial build.

But admittedly, trying to find a suitable case to squeeze it all in to is proving difficult. That would be my last resort. I'm hopeful that there's something out there that can accommodate all the components i currently have in to a nice, neater looking package.

More and more doubtful, however i have faith in the AV Collective Hive. biggrin.gif:D
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OK, I'll admit defeat.....

I've decided to put my gaming system in to a Node 605 (349mm deep) and replace the cooler with a water cooling option with radiator mounted externally. It'll require some case modding to allow me to slot the CPU block through a hole in the back of the case but shouldn't be an issue.

renethx, i appreciate the fact that you offered me some options, observations and alternatives.

This may not be the right place for this sort of question but seen as i'm here, can anyone tell me the CPU block dimensions for both the Corsair H80i and the Antec Kuhler H2O 920?

I don't expect an answer to this question but if anyone has any information it'd be greatly appreciated. I look forward to spending more time posting as a put my Home Theatre System together.

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If anyone is interested, the CPU block on the Antec Kuhler H2O 920 is 72x72x28mm, small enough to slot through a 80mm hole, that will allow me to mount the radiator externally. leaving ltos of space inside the case.

Peace, love and harmony.
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