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epson 8350 hidden menu

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I've found the hidden bit menu on my 8350. I've tried changing a few one at a time but nothing new has appeared on any menus. Anyone have any insight on these and what they do.



Also to get into this
1 hold menu for 8 secs
2 press ESC 2x
3 press right then left
You will then have a window pop up
And then repeat the steps above again
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Have you figured anything out on this? I am trying to access the lcd alignment menu. But the dip switch that activates it does not seem to work on the 8350? Any ideas? Anyone?

I am referencing this post:


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I can not get into the hidden menu following your procedures. I have tried both on the remote and the side panel buttons. How accurate is the 8 sec? I have tried from 6-20sec but without any luck. Can you guys me how you get into this hidden menu for the 8350? Thanks
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Yes. I can verify that the menu is available.
I used the remote. It did seem that you had to hit the buttons rather quickly after the initial 8 seconds.

Hope that helps and good luck.
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Originally Posted by b20vtechb View Post

Dude, have you never heard of msconfig? All those icons in the bottom right of your screen are slowing your PC down.
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Thanks spowers777, I was able to get into the hidden menu now. Moved to DIP-SW6 and set Bit 5 to "1" (green bar on the "1"). Still no submenu called Extended. I went back to the hidden menu to check Bit 5 and it is still at "1".
BTW My other bits under DIP-SW6 were at follows:
Bit 0: "0"
Bit 1: "1"
Bit 2: "0"
Bit 3: "1"
Bit 4: "0"
Bit 5: "0" --> set to "1'
Bit 6: "0"
Bit 7: "0"
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