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Denon DHT-1312BA

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Hello, I have a Denon DHT-1312BA connected to a Samsung 60D7000VF and comcast cable but my problem is I have my cable box connected to HDMI 1 on my denon and then my denon connects to my samsung to HDMI 2 the problem is the tv has ARC but the denon doesn't or at least I don't see anything listed stating that it does so it works great while looking at cable but if I use any of the apps on the tv such as you tube ... No sound..... also I am using a Harmony 900 remote...... I ran a optical cable from the tv to the denon to make it work but I can't see the volume adjustments on the tv when I do that.... my questions is, is there a way to tell the denon to use hdmi port for cable but use the aux(optical cable) for sound????? or any suggestions to help fix this problem
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Sounds like you have to program the Harmony to use the tv when using the Smart Apps. If the Denon doesn't support ARC no big deal. My setup is opposite. The Yamaha receiver supports ARC but the LG doesn't. ARC is just basically there so you can use one less cable (optical). Another thought is that you can connect Comcast directly to the tv via the Cable/Antenna coax input. That way, you can use the Samsung's ATSC tuner for your cable stations. Turn off the speakers on the tv and run all audio thru the optical to the Denon. You should be able to listen to discrete 5.1 when broadcast. That's basically how I have mine setup even though I don't have cable (OTA only). BTW, I use a Harmony 880 which controls all of my devices (tv, blu-ray player, AppleTV2, Yamaha receiver) with a single click of a button.
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I wouldn't recommend connecting the cable box to the TV via coax, as most cable boxes will only output stereo when you do that (at least that is what I have read when doing some research). The connection the OP is using now is preferred for obtaining 5.1 audio from cable.

Seems like using the optical connection from the TV for the smart apps is working so I don't think he has an "issue" other than perhaps a programming change to the Harmony.

Dee001, you won't get a volume display on screen when using the TV apps because there is no video connection between the TV and the Denon. You should see volume level displayed on the Denon's front panel.
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My cable box and receiver are both in a closet behind my tv so I cant see my receiver front panel .... so hooking the cable box directly to the tv and hooking the tv to the receiver using optical really doesn't work well because I cant see the volume control...I have been reading my instruction manual with the denon and it looks like you can assign but I must be missing something ...you can change the input select to sat/cbl but when i go into input mode and try to set it to digital it doesn't give me that option only HDMI, analog and Auto.......My goal would have it set to SAT/CBL and audio to optical (digital) this way the video goes threw the receiver but the audio comes from the tv... but now just thinking about what I am asking I guess if the receiver did or could do this it would be no audio because the receiver is only pushing out video and not audio .......so I guess I am stuck...... any suggestions
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Not having cable, I didn't realize that the coax could only output stereo. Seems lame, but..... You should be able to program the Harmony to select the correct input on the tv and the Denon depending on what you want to do. That's how I have mine setup.
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It not the remote it the receiver that I have the problem with the receiver can be set to sat/cbl, game, dvd, and blue ray...........so if I pick sat/cbl witch my cable box is connected too I get sound but only from my cable box if I go to you tube or Netflix on the tv I don't hear that sound .....I can go into the setting of the denon at that time and change it from sat/cbl to v-aux and then I hear sound but I do not get a volume meter on the tv ....that what I been doing with the harmony I set two different profiles tv1 and tv2 ....tv1 has the cable box working and sound with the volume meter display on the tv but if I want to use any of the apps on the tv I have to click profile 2 tv2 and it shuts everything off and then turns it back on to now have the tv on receiver set to v-aux witch is getting sound from my optical cable that is ran from my tv to the receiver ......this works but it sure does make jumping from cable to you tube not as smoove as it should be .... any suggestions
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Dee001, first off when using the TV smart apps, you will not get a volume level display on screen. No matter what you do. smile.gif So you're just going to have to let your ears decide what is the right level for whatever you're watching.

Now as to the connection between TV and Denon, I think you're missing something. V-aux shouldn't be in the picture at all. When you change inputs on your TV from HDMI (wherever the Denon is connected), to the TV's input (antenna or whatever it's called), the audio should switch to TV on the Denon. Check your Denon manual to see if you need to do an input assign on the TV input. I don't have my manual handy and since I use ARC I didn't have to do anything.
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It does sound like a setup issue then. I only have one HDMI in to the tv and then optical out. Both to and from the receiver. All other devices connect via HDMI to the receiver. The optical In of the receiver (if I remember correctly) connects to either an AV1 or AV2 labeled input. AV1 being labeled as TV. So when I select Watch TV on the Harmony, it's programmed to turn on the TV and select AV1 on the receiver. Volume is then controlled thru the receiver via the Harmony. The tv speakers are always off. If I change inputs (Watch a Movie), the tv stays on, the source input is selected and now I can watch a movie, again controlling the volume thru the receiver with the Harmony. How many optical In does your Denon have? We have apps on our blu-ray player as well as the AppleTV and volume control is as I described for TV or movies.
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As Possumgirl has explained, you will never get a Denon volume display on the TV when watching a Smart TV app because the video is not going through the Denon. End of story. (However, I do not understand Possumgirl's comment about V-Aux. I gather you have plugged the optical output of the TV into a Denon optical input named V-Aux. If so, your Harmony will need to tell the Denon to switch to V-Aux for sound when watching Smart TV apps.)

But, switching between the Cable TV activity and the Smart TV apps activity should not involve shutting down the TV and receiver and then powering them back up. Harmony remotes know which devices are already in use for the current activity and, when properly configured, will simply change inputs for the new activity.
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The Denon 1312 has only one optical input which is named TV. If the OP checks pg. 31 of his manual, he'll see that by default the input assign for "TV" is optical. If he's changed that I'd suggest he select "Default" to reset the inputs. After doing that, when using the smart apps he only needs to press the TV button on the Denon remote if the audio doesn't switch there automatically. From there it should be easy to figure out how to program the Harmony.
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