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AMD OTA New Build Help

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Help me spec out a new build. I'm aiming to ditch satellite and go to OTA. This is what I want:

I only need OTA capability. I have a PS3 for BD. I can't get good DSL so I don't stream video. I'd use the PS3 for that anyway.

I'd like to go with AMD. I want HDMI out to my Onkyo TX-NR 808 receiver, which drives my Mitsubishi 1080p projector.

I already have a Silicon Dust HD Homerun Tuner (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004HO58SO/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1).

I plan to use Win 7 with WMP. I'll use it as a DVR with either 2 or 3 TB storage.

I'm mainly looking for MB/CPU recommendations. I have some old tower cases. There's an equipment closet next to my home theater. I plan to use bluetooth KB and mouse, so the case will be out of sight.

Thanks for your help,
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This has been covered here.  In summary I like the AMD A6-3500 very much!

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Use remote, not keyboard/mouse
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In January I replaced a 5 year old PC with an A10-5800 and an Asrock motherboard.

The A10 is almost certainly more than you will want or need. I went that route because I enjoy emulator games, using Plex to transcode in real-time to my phone, and wanted to compress some recordings and rips.

The Asrock motherboard was around $75 or $80 as was very easy to set up. It was my first time with an AMD processor and ATI graphics so I was afraid there would be more of a learning curve. Though the color setup was harder for me to tweak, the bios was so much easier than I was expecting.

Only downside to that board was that the esata port does not support port multiplier. I assumed (wrongly I now know) that all newer motherboards did that.
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Thanks for all the replies. It led to more homework on my part. I'm torn between going with an inexpensive MB/CPU combo or stepping up a notch.
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I went with the A6-5400k and after a bit of tweaking, I can play my movies with madvr, smooth motion (since my tv is old and doesn't support 24p), and 3dluts for calibration. It was really inexpensive, and a huge upgrade from my Pivos Aios.
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