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HDMI and Component input calibration

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Just a basic question but have been unable to find a definitive answer so any help would be appreciated. I recently had the HDMI inputs of my LG LED TV (55LW5300) calibrated by an ISF technician. I have a record of all the settings including those in the color menus etc. However, I want to use the component input of the TV for my HD cable box instead of the HDMI currently in use. Are these HDMI settings likely to translate well to Component? Are there any settings I should particularly be aware of that might need tweaking? Any advice would be welcome.
Thanks in advance,
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You are going from a digital medium to an analog medium ... and sometimes things don't translate well. (Good news is that most of the time, it does translate well.)

Keep an eye of the user settings ... black level ... white level ... may have to double check that. You don't have instrumentation so you can't know for sure.

A test disc grayscale step pattern like that found on the AVSHD disc and give you an idea if the grayscale translates over decently. Plug in hdmi ... look at it ... then go component and look at it again. (needs a BD player prior to about 2010 when component video out of bd was still 1080i. Then it got derezzed to 480p then eliminated from the players completely)

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Thanks Michael. I burned the AVSHD file to disc sometime ago and I have a Blu-ray player upstairs from circa 2009 with component out so this might work out OK.
Regards, atek99
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