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I recently got the NR-828 receiver. I'm very happy with it since it's an upgrade for my old, old 2 channel system. I'm just now:cool: connecting it to a 4K tv and a few other items.

My question is this... I have a good HK Citation 24 amp that I want to continue to use. I got a small 5.1 speaker system but I want to use my old Dahlquest DQM-9 speakers for my front speakers. It seems only natural to use the pre-amp front to the Citation 24 amp. That will provide a very solid and dedicated 100wpc for the DQM-9's. I'm also assuming that it also frees up that power for the other channels. BTW, what is the power of the 828 with all channels driven 20-20k at 8 ohms?

Does this sound right? Any other options that might be better?

Thanks in advance,