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Digital Audio from Cable Box

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I'd really appreciate any suggestions anyone has. So here's my problem. I am trying to run the digital audio from my Motorola set top cable box to my Rega DAC and then into my stereo amplifier, but no sound is coming out and the DAC isn't even acknowledging any input.

I have a Motorola set top box from Verizon and a blu ray player that are fed into the TV by HDMI cables. I have contacted Verizon who said that the digital audio outputs are always on if a cable is connected.

The blu ray player works fine with an optical digital audio cable out into the DAC. (There is a setting on the blu-ray player to switch off the audio via HDMI).

On the cable box, I have tried both the coax digital output and the optical digital output into the DAC, with no success with either. I have tested both cables with other sources and the cables are fine.

I then tried the optical digital output from the TV straight to the DAC and that worked, i.e. the audio goes to the TV via HDMI, then from the TV to the DAC via optical.

So, the digital audio from the cable box works. The cables themselves work. The DAC works. I just can't get the digital audio from the cable box to work direct into the DAC (it only seems to work if I go via the TV).

I have gone through all the settings on the cable box to see if there is anything, and the only audio setting is an option for either mono, stereo or surround. Needless to say, I've tried all these with no success.

Let me know any suggestions at all, and thanks once again for any help.
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If your DAC doesn't decode Dolby Digital, that may be your problem. Check audio output settings of the cable box and set to "PCM only".
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I don't see ANYTHING about being able to recognize DD5.1 format.....REGA DAC appears to be a PCM Stereo ONLY device:
So as mentioned above, you need to navigate cable box Audio menus until you find the DD5.1 vs PCM output control.

However, depending on the box, you might have trouble finding this menu...and if you do, it might not work:

PCM via HDMI can also be a problem in some boxes:

Fortunately, you should be able to figure out how to play back an old Dual-RCA L/R (WHITE/RED) connection....
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Or.... just use the optical out from the TV. Apparently the TV downmixes DD to PCM.
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That's great, thanks so much for taking the time to give such a detailed reply.
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