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Faroudja Bandwidth Expansion?

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Does anyone know much about these features? In particular the "chroma bandwidth expansion" offered by some of their video processors of decades past.

What I'm looking for is something to improve the look of VHS and LaserDisc for content that never made it off those formats.
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This looks like an adaption of basic edge enhancement. It would sharpen transitions but also it will induce ringing as well. The acceptable balance between the two evils is up to the user.

There are better products today, the DVDO Edge, and the Lumagen series. For what you are doing I would look towards Ebay. You can get used a DVDO VP30, VP50 or a Lumagen HQV at bargin prices. the Lumagen HQV is said to have one of the best up-converters of the day.

There is also the Black Magic Teranex 2D which is what I use today. But it's not really that HT friendly being more tailored for broadcast use. But its has amazing image quality.

I am noticing a trend in the latest processors to focus on HD only enhancements. Some now are HDMI only. IMO, the better up-converters may in fact be in the older models. I guess they figure not to many people are looking at legacy formats anymore or have long since converted them to DVD.
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Does edge enhancement relate to rise times? Do the old DVDO devices have good 3D comb filters?

Missed getting the DVP-3000 for $35 shipped because I couldn't figure out what cables I would need to go from 5-BNC to 3-RCA YPbPr.
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The Lumagen Glimmie was talking about is actually called HDQ....and it has one of the best 3D comb filters in it. That Lumagen has excellent composite input...you should be able to pick one up for the same as a dvdo but it has superior scaling and calibration tools
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