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2 speaker setup

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Hey guys,

I'm looking into upgrading from my HTIB setup I have now.

I'm thinking of some of KEF Q300 speakers and either a Denon 1613 or 1713. Do I need a sub with this setup?

My room is about 20x20x12


EDIT: forgot to mention that this will be mostly for movies, however I live in an apartment building so the volume will never go to high
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Have you auditioned those Q300?
You most certainly need a sub, even for an apartment, and no matter @ what volume.
A single 6.5" driver per speaker will give you very little bass in a room that size. They claim to 42 htz, but I would not bet a dime on that.
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I personally own the KEF q300's, paired with a denon 1913 and SVS sb12-NSD. And unfortunately, like the above poster, I agree you need the sub to fill in the lower frequencies. The speakers sound phenomenal on there own, and are able to provide good mid bass, as well as excellent treble, but as with any bookshelf, they need a sub to "fill in" the music.

You could make due for awhile without the sub, of course, but I believe you will soon be left wanting one.
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Ok that's what I thought as well. I figured I can pick up a sub later down the road or I can even use the current sub from the HTIB (if compatible).

For mounting these bookshelfs onto a stand, are theirs screws on the bottom? Thinking of getting these http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=226_941&item_id=041581

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^^^^You can also use industrial grade Velcro to attach the speakers to the stands...I've done that in the past, if there are no mounting holes in the bottom of the speakers.
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Can confirm there a NO holes in the bottom of my KEF's.
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Ok so some sticky adhesive like blu tack will have to be put on the stands! Thanks guys for confirming.
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Or you can put a sheet of rubber RV shelf liner material under them.

It is slightly tacky and will keep them from moving.

You can get a roll of it around 10 inches wide and 6 feet long and cut it to fit. The cost should be under $10 at any store that sells RV parts or supplies.

If the volume is not going to be real loud, the Polk PSW505 subwoofer may be sufficient; it usually goes for only $250 or so.
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