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Is the LG HW300G a safe choice?

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Hello everybody, I hope you are doing great!

After extensive researches which pointed me out to the difficulty of making a choice given the diversity of opinions and the relative opacity of the market I now focus mainly on the LG HW300G.

As a result I wanted to know if someone would be so kind as to indicate me whether or not it would correspond to my criterias which are the following:
- Led if possible for the lamp lifetime.
- A decent picture quality, to attach a referential to the word decent I mean by this way, a better quality than a scaled-up tube Tv, and let's say a Hd-Readyish quality, sharpness and details.
- A projector that would be under 600€ (let's say around 500£ and 750 bucks for English and American friends ;-) )
- The size is secondary to me because it will probably not move often.
- It will very likely used in the dark the vast majority of the time.

Subsidiary question: This projector seems relatively old to me (2011 if I am not mistaking) so has a better product been released over these years or is scheduled to be released soon?

Last question: If the difference is that flagrant between Led and LCD, could you advise me a good value for money Lcd projector in the same price range?

Thank you in advance for your knowledge and your wisdom!
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Well, apparently no one can help me on this one...

Thanks anyway
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At under $750 (American) you should look at the LG PA75u, it's LED DLP and much better than the HW300g.


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we don't have the pa75 in the uk yet but there are the lg pa 60g and 70g, there brighter than the hw300g but you have to check for uneven focus, if you look around you can get a pa 60 for under £400 . the hw300g never seemed to have problems with focus, or any of there older models so it might be worth going with that if you only need an 70 to 90 inch screen . just searched online and found one for £400
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Thanks Jason and thanks Fido Dido! (nice 90's reference ;-)

Indeed, the pa75 doesn't seem to be realeased in Europe (I tried Amazon UK, France and Spain), at least not under this name, and importing it from the US is pretty expensive (around $100 for custom fees in addition to the shipping costs!)

I have considered the 60G and 70G, unfortunately I found an important number of persons stressing the aspect of poor focus, unlike the HW300G as you mentionned Fido,

It is indeed less bright, however I plan to mostly watch it in the dark so I give picture quality more weight in the decision than brightness.

Concerning picture size 70 to 90 inches is just fine, a little bigger than a big Tv but no need for a cinema screen either ;-)

Thanks again for you help!
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Qumi in the uk? It's superior.
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The Qumis are available in Europe, however the Q5 costs 1.5 times more than the LG, do you think the difference in quality justifies the price?

This being said the Q2 and the LG are in the same price range, do you know if the Q2 is better than the LG by any chance?
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You want a q5. They are like 500 over here, ouch. Fly over and buy one?
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Wow that's rad! Where are you from Verge? I looked at amazon.com and I found the Q5 starting at $600!
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To keep you updated, I now focus on the Acer K330 and the Viewsonic PLED-W500 which seem to be good value for money, particularly given that they are in a very similar price range!

I saw that the main drawback of the Viewsonic with the lack of audio output (however it might be corrected by a usb sound card?), and on the contrary it has a slightly better image quality than the Acer.

Do you have an opinion on this by any chance? Thanks in advance!
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