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Nova Forte Rev2

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I have finalized the mains for my "in the works for a long time" project. Details at the link below

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That is a cool looking speaker! Which drivers did you use? How did you construct that cab?
I looked on your site for all of this information, but could not find it. Are you setting up some sort of
message board? I like your site, but am unsure on how to become a member? anyway.....keep up
the good work!
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Drivers are Vifa DQ25, Scanspeak Discovery 15m, and Silver Flute W20-8, they're listed in the crossover diagram. I guess I can post some build pics here when I get a chance. Thanks.

No clue on the website usage, I just set it up.
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Alright here is all of my build pics. I used edged glued pine panels for the exterior. I have had to deal with splitting issues, so I do not recommend anyone use them...

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this build is looking really good jay...job well done.... good job man....
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Good looking build Jay!!!!!
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Thanks guys
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What are you doing with that front baffle? Is that a cutout that you are doing? Or is that just a tapped off area that you are going to paint instead of stain?
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Are you talking about this?

Just masking off the painted area before applying stain to the rest of the cabinet.
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Got my center design up finally

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That is a truly nice looking center channel! It is nice to see someone design and build something unique, as most of the builds on this forum are for high efficiency speakers such as the Seos and other similar based speakers. It is refresh to see a
build that has a more conventional design! How do you like these speakers for music? Are there any well known commercial speakers that you could compare them too? The finish on them is absolutely outstanding!
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Thanks Martycool007, lets just say over the last couple years this forum hasnt had much diversity...

I wouldn't say most of my commercial speakers are well know. I have ACI Essence V's (NLA), GR Research Dilucios's (NLA), and Klipsch RB5's (NLA). I prefer my design from top to bottom over all of them, which shouldnt really be surprising given the superb bass response. In addition to the obvious preference, the thing that really sets the Nova's apart to me is they image extremely well, present everything very clearly like all good speakers, but at the same time they dont make bad recordings un-listenable. That's is not to say they make them sound good, there is still a huge difference between bad and good recordings. There was some intentional design decisions made to take a little of the edge off and add a little extra life to the music at the expense of being a "reference" design. I listen almost exclusively to music that is recorded at a level below audiophile standards, and I am not an audiophile...
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Nice work.

I'm actually looking at that mid to use in a 4 way design.
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Originally Posted by A9X-308 View Post

Nice work.

I'm actually looking at that mid to use in a 4 way design.

It's pretty nice, price has even came down about $6 since I purchased mine. This is my in box measurement that I used for crossover design.

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Jay, I wonder how these towers that you built would compare to the full size Statements?
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I've never heard the Statements so I cant make that comparison. Obvious differences are open back mids, and controlled vertical directivity for the statements.
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