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Basement theater entrance

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I have stairs between my kitchen and garage that lead to my basement. Right at the bottom is my bar area that you walk through to get to the dedicated theater. I can't decide if I should paint the stairway or go all out decorate it. What does yours look like?
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We're in the same boat as you, except it's between garage and living room. We're trying to decide what color to paint the stairway but that's another discussion.

We're going to decorate it a little bit, but there's not really enough wallspace to do a whole ot
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There is that fine line between a sharp sophisticated looking theater and...well...too much. I have kids that the theater is mostly for, so I'd like it to be fun. But I also would love to have my friends over for wine and movies. Without feeling like we are in the kids play room. I'm not sure how much to play it down or decorate it up. Oh...also keeping on budget!
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I'd say at minimum paint it and hang a couple of posters on the walls to give you the feel of entering a theater lobby.
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My kitchen and dining room are red so I'm thinking it will tie in nicely if I use the same color. I'm considering painting the door black. It dosent face into a room so it won't stick out. But it will be a little hint that there is something different through the door. I also bought a foo dog door pull that might work right in the middle of the door. We want to go with a Chinese theater theme. Oh I could have so much fun with this! I imagine going to sell the house someday and scaring everyone away with my gaudy basement room! Lol!!!
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We just left are staircase as the paint color it already was as a contrast to the actual basement and put a couple lights towards the bottom and small "hutch" with decorations on the landing. I'll post a few pics later when I have time to get on my computer.
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Can't wait to see pics. My stairway is still Sheetrock with the white stripes where the studs are. From 35 years ago! Lol!
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Originally Posted by megdagooch View Post

Can't wait to see pics. My stairway is still Sheetrock with the white stripes where the studs are. From 35 years ago! Lol!

Ahhh I see. Well like I said mine was painted when we moved in and it is a light beige(no idea what the actual name of it is). This is the same color as the rest of the basement was that we painted a gray(again no idea of name) color.

First pic is just to see the color next to the door with lots of light

Looking down the steps

The tap lights we put in at the bottom

Hutch/Table and decorations at the bottom of the steps

Same stuff different angle so you can see how the gray and beige meet up

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Here is what my current stairway looks like. Yes we are decorating as we go. We are using the room and do what we can when we have time. So pictures go on the wall before it is even painted smile.gif here is also a pic of my current upstairs red wall. I think I will be using this color. Is your grey too grey? It seems like the basement would feel too basement-y and dark.

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No it's not that dark.

Your red looks like a great color though also.
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