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3D or non-3D plasma?

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I have narrowed my choices down to 3 plasma display's Panasonic S60, Panasonic ST60 and Samsungs F5500. The display will be used almost entirely for gaming with about 5% devoted to film. I seldom use the 3D, but if the additonal processing can benefit 2D performance than bonus! From the reviews I have seen the S60 has very low input lag for gaming and having used the E7000 from 2012 Samsungs it had low lag as well. I had the ST30 from 2011 and loved,but sold it and upgraded to the ST50. After some bouts of quick onset IR and burn-in I returned it. The ST60 is a real bang for the buck display, but quick onset IR seems to still be an issue and the input lag reports are not giving me hope. Any suggestions would help, thanks once again.
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I am the same situation as you mostly gaming with some movies.

I decided to upgrade my current plasma to a 65s60.

The st60 looks great but I would rather have the extra screen real estate vs the few image improvements I probably would not notice. I have great light control in my room so I don't mind the lack of a AR coating.

I also would never use the 3D on the tv.
If your interested in 3D at all get an oculus rift when the retail version comes out. That's my plan anyway!

As far as IR my current TH50pz80u constantly has it while gaming. Unless I look for it I never notice and it ALWAYS goes away. Even after marathon gaming sessions. So guess what I did? Just stopped caring lol. I think IR is just a side effect of plasma tech that we just have to deal with. My set is 4 or 5 years old there is no permanent burn in.
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