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Extended Warranty Deals and Advice

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I am looking a purchasing a TV soon. I hate extended warranties. Just the whole thought of it seems, I don't know, sketchy. But the more I think about them lately for my electronic purchases the more curious I get. But I am not familiar with all the different ones out there, because I have never bought one I guess. Well I have been trying to learn a little bit about them lately...bit by bit.

I now understand that previous customers of SquareTrade get coupon codes emailed to them. As I understand it that is the only way to get a coupon code that would bring the price of a SquareTrade warranty down. I found this out at slickdeals because today is a 24 hour sale where codes can be up to 40% off. http://slickdeals.net/f/6034374-SquareTrade-40-off-coupons-NO-CASH-LIMIT? I don't know all the ins and outs but thought that link might prove helpful to some.

I'm considering getting a "club version" TV, so I looked quickly at Sam's extended warranty stuff and here is a little bit of what I uncovered.

Sam's club extended warranty info and pricing -if purchased - http://graphics.samsclub.com/images/new_brochure102209.pdf Seems like it is basically $60 per year for either a 2 or 3 year plan...with them throwing in an additional year if you are a "Plus" member. (Sorry not sure what a "Plus" member entails.)

What do you guys think of Sam's extended warranty. I get a little confused by the underwriters and all of that. Just confused what the procedure would be. Would I be dealing with Sam's in 3-4 years or is it entirely some other company? I suppose at least Sam's would be there to assist...worse case scenario.

I am also curious in all mainstream warranties for plasmas. Like from Best Buy for example. How are they?

I know SquareTrade is a big one and apparently getting bigger.

Well since I linked a deal, maybe this thread could be where we can talk about how to get the best deal on an extended warranty for our plasmas. It would also be nice if people could offer up their valued opinions on all things extended warranty.

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Some interesting things from SquareTrade's website...

"My item was on sale. Can I get a Protection Plan for the full replacement value?


Your SquareTrade Protection Plan is limited in value to the purchase price of your item. We generally ask that you use the actual price paid for your item when purchasing a warranty.

If you bought your item for a retail website or store and got a substantial discount, the actual purchase price might be far lower than the fair replacement value of the item. In such a case, in order to make sure you have enough value in the warranty to replace your item after a claim, you are welcome to use the full regular retail price to purchase the warranty, as opposed to the price you paid. That may make the warranty more expensive than if you used the sale price, but you'll get more value in your coverage.

If you choose to use the full retail value to buy the warranty, please provide proof of the full retail value of your item when you submit your proof of purchase. If the full purchase price is shown on your receipt, that is sufficient. If not you can provide a local ad showing the original price, print out from the manufacturer's website, a national retail website showing the MSRP or regular price, or something similar showing the full value of the item.

This process does not apply for items from eBay, open-box, floor model, or store display items. For this items, we can only use the actual auction value or purchase price for your warranty."

"How long do I have to buy a SquareTrade Protection Plan?


You can buy a SquareTrade warranty on a retail item within 30 days of item purchase. This applies to warranties both with and without accidental damage coverage.

For an eBay item, the purchase window is 30 days following the end of the auction, whether or not you've received the item. The 30 day mark is a firm deadline because of our contract with our insurer -- generally, we cannot make exceptions.

You can get a full refund on your policy at any time within the first 30 days. You can also cancel your policy after 30 days, but the refund will be pro-rated.

Our friendly refund policy means you don’t have to worry about taking a risk by purchasing a Protection Plan early. If your item doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t arrive in working condition, or you decide for any reason that you don’t want the warranty, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund you the money paid for the warranty. After all, we’re here to help reduce your risk."

"Where are Protection Plans available for purchase?


SquareTrade Protection Plans are available to residents of the 50 United States for eligible items purchase from a retail store, retail website, or through eBay.

Protection Plans are available to residents in the United Kingdom through Tesco, Asda, and through Amazon.co.uk for items purchased from Amazon.co.uk or any other authorized UK retailer. See our UK home page for more information.

For customers in Canada, we offer coverage for purchases made at eBay US, TigerDirect. and CompUSA stores and websites as well as TVs purchased at Costco.

We do not directly offer warranty purchases to Canadian, UK, or Puerto Rican residents yet, but we hope to be able to in the near future."

"Can I renew or extend my warranty contract?


Currently, we are not offering renewals or extensions for the SquareTrade Protection Plan. Once the warranty comes to its expiration date, the warranty will be completed, and coverage for your item will have been fulfilled"
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For Square Trade warranty purchased from Costco-
Can the item be bought anywhere? I see on the Costco website it states bought at Costco or any authorized retailer- does that mean it has to be a retailer listed on the manufacturer's website, or any retailer that sells the product with a manufacturer's warranty?

Does Costco provide the second year of coverage whether or not the TV is purchased from Costco? It is a bit unclear when looking at the website.

East Coast TVs has some excellent prices on the new Samsung, and I was wondering if this was a good way to get an extended warranty.
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ST warranties can be purchased at Costco for any item purchased from an authorized dealer. If the retailer offers a manufacturers warranty (and will actually honor it), they're an authorized retailer. The manufacturer should know who is authorized, so if there is a retailer not on their list who claims that they are, you might want to contact both to confirm.

Costco only provides their own coverage for the second year IF you purchased the item from Costco directly. Otherwise you'll rely solely on the ST coverage. Still, Costco's ST plans usually cost less, so it can be worth it even without that free second year.

EDIT: If this thread is to be believed, ECTv is not an authorized retailer. They're also not on the list here.
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If you use an AX card you get a additional year of warranty for $.00
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