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50GT60 or 55VT50

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As topic states I am looking to get a new tv. I am in doubt whether I should get the 55vt50 or the 50gt60. I will get the display calibrated. Any valuable input which can help me decide will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

*edit: The VT is 1500, the GT 1600 Euro's
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Since this is a US based forum pretty much nobody will be able to form a cohesive opinion since the GT60 isn't sold in North America, but the one thing that stands out in my mind is that the 50 series has gotten tons of complaints that it has a softer picture and lacks detail compared to previous models (i'm one of those complainers and it's valid), but lots and lots of new 60 series model owners here have reported that their new 60 series has a sharper/crisper image than the 50 series models do. And the 60 series is brighter too and has slightly better black levels.

The bottom line is the 60 series outperforms the 50 series in every category. The only reason i can come up with to choose a 50 series over a 60 series would be if you wanted to get the 50 series for a super low price and are willing to put up with the inferior picture quality.

Have you tried the UK based AVForums? They discuss the GT60 there....http://www.avforums.com/forums/plasma-tvs/
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