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I gave this just a little thought insofar as, it took nearly9-11 years for FM Stereo in cars to be featured as a good "option draw" for the then AMC line of (pardon me) "fugly" cars back in the early 1970's. Of course Cadillac was out with that option super early in the mid 60's with hidden speakers in the door side armrests. So from FCC approval back in 1961 until FM Stereo radios became great option upgrades, I ask you this, warts aside for signal handling issues, hasn't the pace of HD Radio OEM and aftermarket adoption, remained on course and within the same relative timeline for the consumer's introduction to the technology, at least as far as the automotive entertainment electronics industry goes? I think that as increasing roll-outs of new product fanfare, gets ever more integrated into the landscape of available options, and standard equipment offerings, that there may be sufficient enough market penetration for this technology to actually GAIN IMPETUS. It took a decade for there to have been enough FM listenership, to begin to crush the AM music-radio demos into oblivion as a symbol of how the improved sound over mono AM would ultimately manifest itself. By the 90's, it was a done deal. The technological improvements as good as they are, may not warrant a format broadcast technology war, but I would think that the known benefits for digital capture of an audio stream inside a mobile environment, will make for smoother more enjoyable listening experiences for the vast majority of HD Radio owners.