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First time reader and poster, Looking to build a home theatre system on a budget of $800 to 1k

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I know aboslutely nothing about speakers or home audio systems. Yes, where do I turn my man card in?

Anyways, I just moved into a new condo and I want to set up a decent system. Does 800 do that? I have no clue.

Let me tell you what i'm looking to do, how large my room is, etc.

My living room, dinning room and kitchen is basically one long rectanble that is 13ft wide and 32ft long.

The living room is 13ft wide and 12ft long, although it's really more like 18ft long as the living room blends into the dinning room that blends into the bar top of the kitchen.

I'm looking to spend around 800 bucks, although if 200 more gets me something a lot better I'm willing to spend that.

I guess what i'm looking for is a receiver that can be networked. I wanted to be able to listen to music from my laptop, phone and ipad if possible and stream it to the speakers via the receiver. I mostly listen to pandora, but I do have a large mp3 library too that I would like to play using itunes.

I listen to a lot of music, mostly classic rock, alternative and some of the new folk rock.

I watch tv (too much), and I'm a huge football fan.

So as far as speakers go, I don't know. bookshelf or floor? Do i blow all the money on a receiver and two speakers? Or do I divide it up and get a center speaker or a sub? I have no diea.

I want my tv audio to sound better and I want my music to sound good. That's all I care about.

I was going to buy a speaker bar that had bluetooth and that would accomplish most of what I want to do, but after listening to them in person I wasn't that impressed. Maybe that is a better approach for what i'm looking to do and I didn't hear a good one.

anyways, any recomendations would be appreciated.

Like I said, around 800 bucks. Thanks in advance
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Piecing a system together is a good plan to start with. These Boston A360's are a really good deal at $500pr


You can also get a really good deal on a refurb receiver, like this Denon 1913 with airplay


That puts you at $800 for a pretty nice 2 channel setup. You could thrown in this budget favorite Klipsch sub for a bit over your $1k max


Or you can get the matching center and surrounds



Most people would start with the 2.1 setup, but being in a condo you might not want the extra bass from a sub. The Boston towers will produce nice bass for music.At the minimum you should order the 2.0 setup and see if you think you want more bass (sub), or a better center image with movies (center channel).
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Hey, with my limited knowledge I can suggest you to wait for good deals because your budget is limited for good system. You can find great deals on Newegg. accessories4less.com is also a good website to find good deals especially more high end stuff there, good deals on open boxes. I also suggest you to invest your money for the future like get a good receiver (would be Yamaha RX-V673 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882115376&Tpk=RX-v673&IsVirtualParent=1) and 2 nice bookshelf speakers
or much better model
then you can use those as satellites in the future. Next step is adding a sub or/and center channel. Matching models are center channels:
or better model
and for subwoofer
after these at last you can add matching floor standing speakers which are actually 3 different models with different sizes:



Again i am not pro at this but basically this way you will get a nice great quality KEF Q series 5.1 home theater system and then you can add surround speaker for 7.1 setup. For reference you can check KEF s US retail website and home theater system packages
http://www.kefdirect.com/q-700-7-1-package.html and http://www.kefdirect.com/q-900-7-1-package.html
You can get different brand subwoofer if you wish. You wont regret with this setup but it is kind of long run smile.gif
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$800 won't get you a lot if you include the sub and the receiver in that budget. Since your room is open, it's actually 18 feet long when calculating the volume of space.

If you want a good starter sub, Newegg.com has the Klipsch RW-12d for $279 til 5/22.

Ascend Acoustics (.com) makes a good quality, punchy set of speakers for the money. KEF Q towers are good too. You can do a much better over all theater setup in the $2,000 and above range (that includes the receiver) moreso than in the $1,000 and under range, from my experience.

But, if you want any system to sound its best, get a Blu-ray player that can accept Super Audio CD's (like Sony or Oppo) and skip the low grade MP3's (they've killed audio quality!). Blu-ray audio discs are great too.
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  • First time reader and poster, Looking to build a home theatre system on a budget of $800 to 1k
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