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Show me your old Gaming Set Up (circa 2001)

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I was looking through my old photo album and found two photos of my gaming set up from 2001.

My tv was a Sony 34" CRT which weighed 80kg. It was the biggest tv any of my friends had seen. I remember playing 4 player splitscreen games into the wee hours.

It brings back a lot of memories seeing the old games I used to play. I loved my Dreamcast. Who can remember playing these games?

Here is my current set up (60" ST50):

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I can't make out any Dreamcast titles but my Dreamcast still gets regular use on a 24" CRT monitor hooked up via VGA (Edit: Enlarging it makes several titles evident). And my Xbox still is connected to my 26" Trinitron along with other older consoles dating back to the 1970's.

It will be many years before I've given my entire Xbox library a thorough going over. Many of my late purchases when games started to get dirt cheap remain unplayed. My Dreamcast collection is pretty modest though at only around 20 retail games. Most of which I've played through over the years.
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The Dreamcast games are:
The two on the left = Sonic Adventure; Shenmue (RPG ahead of its time)
The left stack = Soul Calibur; Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2; Sega Rally, Crazy Taxi, Metropolis Street Racer; Resident Evil:Code Veronica; Worms Armageddon.
The right stack = Unreal Tournament; Star Wars:Episode 1 Racer; Ecco; Ready to Rumble Boxing; Skies of Arcadia; NBA Showtime; Jimmy White's 2 Cueball.

The Xbox game = Dead or Alive 3; Spiderman; Amped; Halo; Oddworld Munch's Oddysee; Rallisport Challenge (Best 4 player ever); Wreckless.
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I think I only ever did single player in the original but I think I tried two player splitscreen once in RalliSport Challenge 2 (but I loved the online multiplayer). A shame that excellent game underperformed in sales a bit compared to the original since I thought it was great. Hopefully Microsoft revives it someday even though I'm sure they would need a new developer since DICE has been swallowed up by Electronic Arts and is kept pretty busy with the multiplatform Battlefield series these days.

I have a good number of those games. Metropolis Street Racer is what is largely responsible for my Dreamcast still being used from time to time since I've been slowly making my way through it over a number of years. Much more difficult than the subsequent Project Gotham Racing series that it transformed into..
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I also have the Dreamcast game Ferrari F355 Challenge. I recall this being one of the most realistic racing games I had ever played and it looked great to boot. One day I'll dig out my Dreamcast/Xbox/N64 and hook them up to my tv.

Leo, do you have any photos of your old set up?

I remember having massive Halo nights, where we linked up 4 xboxes to 4 tv's and had 16 people crammed into a room or two for 8 on 8 crazyness. I've got a photo somewhere...
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I also have Ferrari F355. Have a cheap wheel for it too that I bought for about $10 new when the Ames department store chain was going under a decade or so ago. Also bought the PS2 port with the extra track a few years ago but I haven't gotten around to it yet or seen how well it works (Or if it even does) with my Logitech wheel that I use with my PS2 & PS3 (Also bought the PS2 port of Test Drive LeMans which i think also had an exclusive racetrack added to it after loving that Dreamcast game).

That's still my setup.

Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 are connected to a HD display to be joined eventually by a Wii U, PS4, Xbox 720, and a PC (And a receiver, I'm still stuck in the 1980's there with just the standard stereo speakers built into the HDTV).

Hooked up to a five year old or so Trinitron is everything I have from the Atari 2600 (Modified for S-Video output) up to the Nintendo Wii via component and everything I have in-between like the Xbox. All of which are either connected and ready to go or sitting there unhooked and capable of easily being connected in a minute or two. All with the highest quality video connection method they originally supported in North America (I haven't investigated the world of European RGB yet like a few North American classic gamers have) and with several of the oldest ones modified for S-Video output for higher quality than they were originally capable of (My Atari 2600, Atari 5200, and Atari 7800 are all modified for composite & S-Video output). I think only my Intellivision and Odyssey 2 are still using old fashioned low quality RF. And of course the Vectrex has its own built in vector monitor like many late 1970's and early 1980's arcade classics like Battlezone and Asteroids used.

Also I have hooked up to a a small 10" or so B&W tv from the early 1980's a non modified Atari 2600 hooked up via an F type connector and then a coaxial to VHF screw adapter to avoid using a traditional tv/game switchbox (B&W is how I originally played the 2600 and still enjoy playing it that way from time to time). And then of course is my Dreamcast connected to the 24" CRT monitor with a VGA adapter along with my PC (I haven't moved into the widescreen flatscreen era yet for the computer world, partly because of space and wanting to keep this around since the Dreamcast looks beautiful on it and I don't want to introduce scaling into the picture and possibly degrade my PQ).

Always meant to hook up my Xbox 360 to that old B&W tv and take a picture and post it in the setups thread here for a laugh but never got around to it.
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That is pretty cool. I wish I had the space to have all my old consoles permanently set up. Heck I even have a few spare old tvs I could use.
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Hmm, this is from early 2006 so not quite that old but going on 7 years now so ancient in terms of technology. Sorry, this is gonna be a lot of pics:

I had 7.1 surround with towers all around and a 15: Velodyne sub. It was all component video and I still think the picture and sound produced by that system, along with how good that CRT looked, was amazing. I'll always miss that setup... tongue.gif

edit I meant to say this is my old setup not that it's still around. Clearing up any confusion.

Here's the surround speakers with PSP and BGA Advance on them. I was also into cardboard standups and had a Star Wars Vader and The Incredibles standup. I don't have any full pics of them I think. Not sure why. I was so excited when I first got them. In retrospect lol...

Pardon the dust, not sure why I didn't dust before taking these like I did the others:

I also can't believe we're still in the same generation as this:

I also don't know why I don't have any pics of all the games I had. You can see some of them in one pic but I can't find any of my complete collection which was quite extensive. I'm actually bummed as I remember putting so much effort into building that collection. Ah well.
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Looks like a nice setup. I'm assuming by the tone of your post that you ended up getting rid of most of your game collection?

I preferred the blades dashboard. Do most of my navigating with the mini version of it that you bring up when you hit the guide button. Don't much care for these last few dashboards they've made.
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Yeah it's all gone. Every single console in those pics. Well I do have a new 360 but the original 20GB was RRoD a few years back and it was the last remaining from that. I got rid of it all because....I got married and the now ex-wife didn't see the need for me to have that "junk" anymore. Live and learn I guess.

I prefer the blades too and I mainly navigate by the guide button when I can. I think it's much simpler.
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That's a shame, especially with all the effort to make it look neat and orderly. I could understand that attitude if it was a disorganized mess.
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Yeah I was always a stickler for organization with my systems, especially when a lot of the guys I used to hang out with and talk to online had comparable systems that were more like the haphazard messes you see on game collecting sites. I've also always been into home theater too so it did double duty and I didn't want a mess where I watched movies.

I miss the old setup and the time it took to assemble it but I will always have memories so it's not that big a deal anymore.
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Hey PC, that was a fantastic set up, the units holding the gear looked great and your cable management looked second to none. Bummer about getting rid of it all. I have kept my PS1, PS2, N64, Dreamcast, and Xbox. I still use my Xbox360 and PS3, at least until I get the new ones. I hope to one day hook them all up when I create my mancave/Home theatre.
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