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LCD Screens with Protective Front Glass

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I liked the Sony designs that used gorilla glass in front of the LCD panel, but I have read that Sony have abandoned that. I worry that a bare panel is vulnerable to accidental damage. I'm not particularly expecting to cause any such damage, but I dislike the idea of avoidable fragility.

Are there any current LCD TVs with protective front glass (or a glass substitute)?

Thank you.
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I am completely with you here, not only is it much easier to clean and extra protective, it also looks a lot better--design wise (HX850). Unfortunately as you mentioned, Sony is going cheap-o mode with their newer high end TVs, and no other manufacturer (AFAIK) makes TVs with a front glass panel.
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Yes, does seem like a step backwards for Sony.

I used to think that all LCD displays would have some sort of separate protective layer, but then I saw this disassembly video:


In that video it looks as though the LCD layer has been damaged. As you can see, the front surface of the Samsung D8000 display is the LCD matrix layer itself. I would imagine there is some protective element or coating on that, but it's very thin (1mm or less) and flexible and it just doesn't look very hard/strong. It reminds me in some ways of a piece of 35mm film, but it is of course much larger. Given how thin it is, anything deeper than a very shallow scratch could potentially stop the display functioning properly.
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Yeah, another step backward in terms of quality. Sony had a leg up over the competition with its Gorilla Glass, and they were stupid and dropped it this year. I own the Samsung F8000, and it's extremely fragile, as with all LCD panels. It scares me to think of how easy it is to crack the panel accidentally. I grew up with CRTs, and you could literally throw your keys or remote at the screen and likely not damage it. Now I'm afraid if I lean over the set and my keys happen to smack the panel, it might be enough to actually crack the panel. I just cannot fathom how sets this expensive do not have a durable protective layer over the panel. I was hoping since Sony has been using Gorilla Glass, other companies would have come up with their own type of super-strong glass panel by now - instead, it's the opposite, and not only has nobody else done it - Sony dropped it. Mind-boggling really.
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