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In the past - My Samsung projection set has had a problem for quite some time. Whenever it was turned off it could not be restarted for about an hour and a half. If powered back on too early there was a whistle of increasing pitch and then it ends and repeats. The set could then not be powered off as discussed in the earlier reply below and had to be unplugged or it would keep repeating the whistling sequence. That problem was addressed in an earlier reply by videobruce, who identified the likely cause as a bad ballast. I just lived with it for the last year and a half.

The bulb was recently replaced and was working.

Now the set does the same whistle at the start but will not start at all even after leaving it overnight. I am assuming that the ballast is not functioning and needs to be replaced as videobruce diagnosed.

I am considering replacing the ballast myself OR buying a new set.

I'm beginning to research the cost of the ballast and the difficulty of the repair. I believe that I purchased a counterfeit bulb earlier and am now concerned that I might get a counterfeit ballast. Any thoughts? How accessible is the ballast likely to be?

Am I just out of touch and obviously should get a better technology, more reliable 55-60" TV for the current reasonable prices? I have not started looking at the new TVs or researching the best new technologies. The picture quality of the old TV is excellent. But I did have to replace $90 bulbs every 2-3 years and had a very unpleasant experience and much wasted time dealing with the counterfeit issue. A new TV has to be flat for wall mount.

Any comments appreciated.

Chas Tennis

Earlier Replies on Whistling Noise and Failure to start. At that time the set would start after a 1.5 hour cool down or charge dissipation wait. Now it whistles but won't start.

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It just won't start, or it will take 45 min. to boot back up?

If you turn off the set then it will not turn on again for, say, 45 minutes. Makes a funny escalating pitch noise for a few seconds, stops the sound, then repeats the sound again and again. Once that sound has started the set has to be unplugged or it will continue despite any ON-OFF controls, etc. I don't trust leaving the house with it making the sound and plugged in.

You are suggesting to brush off the dust instead of vaccuuming it?
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That's the ballast, it's bad. Probably after it cools down, the ballast will fire correctly. It should make three tries then quit if the lamp doesn't fire..

You have to brush something off to loosen any dirt/dust attached to it. It how much 'dusting' is dome vs the suction power of the nozzle that matters as to how much flies around.
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