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Runco Q-750

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I have a customer who has a Runco Q-750D or Q-750i projector I am not sure which model yet. They had it installed through a previous company, but the client cannot get them to come back to finish the job. I am not a Runco dealer, but would like to be able to upgrade their screen to a more modern design.

My client likes the look of the Screen Innovations Zero Edge with the LED light kit. There is some ambient light that comes into the room through a set of 3 glass doors. They have light filtering shades that block probably 80% of the light. To reduce the incoming light even more, the doors are underneath a deck. So, like I said there is minimal ambient light.

My question is this; would going to a Black Diamond 1.4 gain screen be a bad pairing with this projector? I want to enhance his viewing experience as well as the look of the theater, so I am not 100% sure if using the Black Diamond series would enhance or detract from the projectors capabilities.
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You should send an email to Mike@avscience.com, he is the one that has compared most of these screens in different viewing conditions. He owns a Black Diamond screen, as well some other screens.
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I own a Runco Q-750D and the first question you should ask your customer is what size screen does he want.
The Runco Q-750 line as well as its clones from Vivitek and Digital Projection are recommended for screens no larger than 100" ~ 110" diagonal, although i know of people who have used it with screens as big as 130", and that requires a high(er) gain screen.
I would say that if your customer is satisfied with a screen no larger than 110" diagonal and gain of 1.4 he will get a picture with enough brightness to do justice to the capabilities of the Runco LED projector.
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