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HDMI Over Cat6 Issues

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I am using the HDMI over Cat5/6 Baluns from Monoprice to get HDMI signal from my media closet to my projector. It works like a charm for my xbox. However, when i use the exact same wired and baluns to connect my blu-ray, it will show the BluRay splash screen, but as soon as it tries to go to the player menu or the movie itself, I lose the picture. Every once in a while (maybe 1 in 10) i can get a menu to display, but as soon as i click play, i lose picture. I know it isnt HiDef issue, because I was playing an older DVD and that same DVD plays just fine via the XBOX. Any ideas?

This is the Extender I am using: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=109&cp_id=10110&cs_id=1011012&p_id=8121&seq=1&format=2
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Try turning off 24FPs .. looks like it only supports 50/60 HZ no 24
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Another thing to consider is HDCP (though it says HDCP should be fine)

xbox doesn't have any HDCP so it's much more flexible than anything with bluray or a bunch of other sources....
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Yea it seems the HDCP might be part of the problem. Now the XBOX won't let me play movies or Netflix, citing an HDCP error. Does the Network cable being used make a difference for HDCP? I switched from the Cat5's I was using to get from Balen to wall to Cat6 thinking that couldn't hurt.
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Not sure... I haven't done any HDMI over cat5 stuff, I've just run into lots of similar things where xbox working but other stuff not means HDCP is causing problems, sorry smile.gif
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Definitely sounds like a HDCP issue , have you tried running your blu-ray straight to the tv with an HDMI cable for testing ? Make sure it's not an issue with the player or tv. Then maybe double check that the cat6 connections at the baluns is right and the terminations are making good contact . If you get signal with HDMI , and none of the other steps correct the problem , I'd say return or exchange the baluns , could you use Monoprices Redmere HDMI cable for your run ? I've heard lots of positive feedback on them. Good luck.
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So how long are the ethernet cables? I'm about to wire mine up similarly for 35' run, but was feeling weary rightly so.

I was contemplating running Cat5e as well, but sounds like you tried CAT6 as well to no avail?

Do keep this thread updated with your findings. thanks.
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We had the house prewired with Cat6, and if i had to guess I would say this particular run is 30'. And to clarify, the baluns have worked, just very inconsistently for anything other than xbox games. And yes the Bluray straight to projector works fine. I am going to try various mixes of HDMI and Cat5/6 wires this weekend. More to come.
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FWIW HDMI extenders that take their power from the HDMI cables's 5V line like these do have a very poor track record. You might want to try something that comes with its own power supply. And for trouble free operation, nothing beats HDBaseT-based extenders.
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Do you have any you could recommend? I assume the Gefen products are good, albeit expensive?
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