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Blu-ray music?  

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I have 3 Blu-ray music discs. Tom Petty - Damn The Torpedoes , Rush - Moving Pictures and Rush - 2112. All are DTS master audio as well as PCM and stereo tracks. All 3 sound much better than the original CD or LP (IMO) and have 5.1 channel audio. These are not concert discs, but studio albums released on Blu-ray.

I am looking for more studio music released on Blu-ray since I am so impressed with these 3. Thought maybe folks here would know of some if there are any more. Amazon.com has a terrible search feature for them and just about anything and everything shows up no mater how I search.

If I have posted this in the wrong area, my apologies. Thanks for any help and or leads. For the record I listen to a wide range of music and not just rock/pop.
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Check out Steven Wilson. His band Porcupine Tree and stuff under his name as well. He likes multichannel recording. He's remixed stuff for other bands like ELP & Pink Floyd, too. Check out his blu rays Raven that Refused to Sing and Get All You Deserve, and Anesthetize with Porcupine Tree.

Check this out http://thecrowsgroove.com/2010/09/20-albums-that-deserve-surround-mixes-according-to-steven-wilson/
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