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Recent Bluray 3D doesn't works

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Hi everyone,
i've a BD-S673 Bluray 3D player, firmware updated.

Has worked well so far, but with same new Bluray 3D (like LIFE OF PI, HOBBIT, PROMETHEUS) the 3d images is REALLY unwatchable.

if I pause playback can clearly see that in the left eye I see a different image from that seen with the right eye, as if one of the two streams is out of sync.

Someone can help me?

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Why do you pause playback? Of course you see different images, that's how 3d works. What was the issue before hitting pause? What's the rest of your system?
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I pause playback just to check the two images.
In 3d playing the images of course are differents but only in "angle", one frame captured in two different angles. What i see is not same "situation" captured in two differents angles, but TWO DIFFERENT "SITUATIONS" such as : left eye a man with face in front of me, right eye the same man with face NOT in front of me but turned to the right. it seems that one of the two stream is later in time...
In "Life of Pi" movie, during an action, if i pause playback i can see in left eye the tiger with claws visible and in right eye the tiger with claws retracted...

During playback i don't see crosstalk or clouding, but high nuisance...

Rest of system : TV Samsung 55E8000, cable HDMI 1.4 high speed with ethernet.

sorry for my english smile.gif
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Hi William

I recently bought the Hobbit 3D and noticed the same thing.
I tried every setting on my player, amp and TV, but nothing worked. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this.

My setup is as follows:
Yamaha BD-S673 player
Yamaha RX-V671 receiver
Samsung 64E8000

I noticed that static images, like the background, seems to be perfectly in place and crosstalk free (most of the time), but fast moving objects, like actors' hands, seems to be jumping forwards and backwards in depth. I also noticed a lot of crosstalk in places, as if the frames were out of sync (like you said).

I hope someone finds a solution to this. I would hate to buy another Blu-ray player .. again :-(
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Hi, sloppie.
I contacted the service center yamaha, and they told me that they already had other reports... in a couple of weeks, yamaha japan give the solution that can be software or hardware. Try to contact also you the service center...
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Hi William

Thank you for the feedback. I've open a support call via their website. I will let you know what their response is.
If you hear anything more, please let me know.

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Should have bought an Oppo smile.gif. Just messing with you. I'm sure Yamaha will release a fix soon.
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I trusted yamaha ... and I trust more ...
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I read on an Amazon review that a lot of other players have the same issue, specifically with the Hobbit 3D BR.
A firmware update resolved the issue on one of the players, so I'm hoping that Yamaha can do the same. Not sure how long it normally takes to resolve an issue like this though.

@rnatalli .. Unfortunately I've never seen an Oppo in any South African store :-(
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Just an update that has been long overdue. After the latest firmware update that came out last year (2013), all my 3D movies are now working perfectly ... at the least the ones that I own. If I do encounter any funnies in the future, I will post it here again. smile.gif
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