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Optoma GT750 lamp exploded

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I have a year old Optoma GT750 mounted on the ceiling. This projecter still had its original lamp with about 1800 hours on it. Yesterday the lamp exploded. And I do mean explode, glass was everywhere inside the projecter. Smoke and the smell of burning poured out of it. I had to disassemble the whole thing to get all the fragments out.

The cooling fan still works and the projecter is in a room with air conditioning so how could the lamp have heated up to the point of exploding? Did anyone here have this happen to them before with any projecter?

I ordered a new lamp which should arrive next week, I'm praying the thing still works fine.

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This happens.

Maybe not what you want to hear, but this is always a possibility with the lamps which are in use in all projectors.

Fortunately, it is a very rare occurrence and you likely will never see anything like this ever again.

I do hope your projector is working fine after the lamp blew up! Good luck.
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Thanks for the response. Yes, I kind of freaked out when it happened. When electronics fail I usually expect it to just stop working, not go off like a firecracker. smile.gif
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And a more frequent occurrence when using cheap "knock off" bulbs. Had a cheap bulb explode in my older HS20. Hopefully you got a replacement from a reliable manufacturer.
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Generally lamps explode due to poor cooling issues. Improper airflow Is the drawback of a quiet projector. The Lamp arc chamber becomes fatigued, expands like a ballon and pops. If the projector gets turned off and the lamp doesn't cool down properly enough times it causes problems when you restrike the lamp. I would make sure the airpath vents are clean before you put in a new lamp, If you have a high altitude option enable it.

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I ordered an original replacement lamp. If this can happen with original lamps, I don't even want to risk using a cheap knockoff.

The high altitude option is present on the GT750 but it is so loud it is not useable for me. This projecter is not mounted in an enclosure of any kind to limit the noise.
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I have a cheap 'Chinese knock off' that has far outlasted the exploded original at 3000+ hours compared to around 700. That was in an Optoma HD20.
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I really can't say anything about the reliability of different lamps since this is the first time something like this happened to me. I just didn't want to risk it and ordered an original. Luckily the lamps the GT750 needs are not that expensive.

If it happens again with the new lamp I may have to change my opinion and start looking for the cheapest replacement I can find.
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