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I have a length 15.5 feet, width, 13 feet and height 10-11 foot room.... I want a nice sound system that would work for this room keeping in mind there is a bed, desks, and other objects in the room for sound to bounce off of... But nonetheless im looking for a good sound system to last not too expensive in the 300 or under range hence i'm keeping the soundbar as an option.... But im also looking for a system of speakers that would work in a living room... Keep in mind that his has a A LOT of open space it is on the second story and there is open area extending almost throughout the house besides the closed room keeping in mind that the would is almost 4,000 square foot so there is a lot of area for sound to leak i'd say at least 1,000- 2,000 square foot of open space to leak.. But anyways, anybody know of a nice hybrid kind of sound system that could fit both of these kinds of environments.... If not possible for the living room im leaning more to a system for the closed room only that would be fine too... Any advice anyone?