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Samsung 51" F8500 power and view angle

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I have heard and read that plasma has full picture full viewing angel from all sides. I have a 2003 or so 42" hitachi plasma that has no problems. You can be right on it on top or below etc and the picture is normal like yer in the center. I have an lg led upstairs with almost as good view angel.

I just got today the Samsung 51" f8500 plasma. View angel is way worse. I stand up and in from of TV a couple feet and the whole picture is near black. Extremely dark. On the side it is much darker on the bottom. From the other side of the room in center it's normal. What's going on here? I can take a picture with my iPhone but don't know how to attach it.

Also I can't power on my tv unless I unplug it first. The very first time I turned it on the first set up screen opened. I shut the TV off. Next time I turn it on it won't work. The power light flashes 5 times and black screen. It's not on. The light stops flashing for a bit. Then starts flashing again 5 times and repeats over and over until I unplug it. Then I plug it in and it powers on fine. Turn it off and same issue. Plug in and it works. Repeat.
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The power issues isn't good. Sounds like a failure somewhere.

The viewing angle is because of the louver filter. Above or below the TV you will notice a big drop in light output, because the filter is made to block high room lighting like ceiling lights. Looking at it level and moving to the sides, such as positions on a couch or around the room, everything is ok. Great viewing angles. Just don't mount the TV high.
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Moonchilde, thank you so much. So the viewing angel is normal and because of how they block lights in the room from reflecting on the TV. Whew. Although I don't mind because I am in a bedroom with no lights that can get to the screen like that. But I feel better that this is normal.

It seems if I move a bit off center the screen slightly changes. I may be wrong.

The power issue a friend told me to turn off hdmi control. Cec or something. I did and it didn't help. I did try once with no cables connected at all and it worked a couple times. Then it stopped again.
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When your TV's power light blinks it's an error code. 5 blinks will indicate a particular failure. If someone had a service manual they could tell you. Unfortunately, I don't know what it is. Did you buy it from a local store or did you order it?
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Samsung do not use blink codes.
I don't have a manual for this set unfortunately, usually I only get them when the sets are a few years old.
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I got it from a local store. I think the manual says it'll flash 5 seconds
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Thanks Tom, didn't know Sammy doesn't use blink codes. That's a bit odd IMO lol.

Not being able to power it on without unplugging it isn't normal behavior though. buggs, have you tried turning it on with the little joystick in the back? Do you have the same issue having to unplug it to turn it on if you press the joystick instead of using the remote? If the joystick works, maybe you need to pair the remote to the TV again or check for other interference with bluetooth such as many bluetooth receivers. However, if the pressing in the joystick leaves you with the same issue having to unplug the TV, then you may as well just exchange it for another F8500.
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That's Samsung quality issues for u smile.gif
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Originally Posted by SDB30 View Post

That's Samsung quality issues for u smile.gif

Come on now. My Sammy is going strong after having to take back 2 Panny's for "quality issues."
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Panasonic have plenty of QC issues, but their TVs are built like bricks. That being said, high end Sammy vs high end Panny vs high end LG... there's not much difference in reliability. Mid range Sammy vs mid range Panny vs mid range LG... Panny wins every time. From a pure reliability aspect.
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Defect rates are at 2% for Samsung and Panasonic from what I heard. LG a bit higher.

I actually don't think an extended warranty is a bad idea on any plasma.
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Samsung's defect rate is about twice Panasonic's, if you look a few years ahead; in terms of shipping, it would seem Panasonic has slightly more or the same number of dud or faulty units on arrival. LG are pretty good, if you get their more premium models, a lot like a cheaper Panasonic, just not as good picture quality of course.
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My friend who is also my sales person said he thinks the TV is fine and that its just a setting. I say BS. get me another one.

I have the TV power on with TV menu audio through the TV just no picture. I tried this with joystick. Remote turns on same thing I guess.
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Hopefully I can get things figured out soon.
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Someone is coming over to look at it. Hope they get here soon.
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Ordering a new tv for me. Yaaaay.
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Good, because that isn't normal behavior, lol.
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My stereo has no sound when the TV power is unplugged. Why is that?
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