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Newbie - Outdoor Theater Equipment

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I am looking to do a BYT and would love any feedback. There are so many options and reviews out there it’s hard to know where to start.

Neighborhood: My backyard faces the common land therefore I may have 3-5 ft candles in my backyard.

Screen: Looking to get the 144” (16:9) screen by campchef. I have 30-35 ft in my yard to put the projector back if need be. Does anyone have any experience with this screen? I want to keep the screen portable so I can take it camping or down to my parent’s house. I have also thought about an inflatable screen but have read reviews of the fan being a noise issue. Thoughts?

Projector: I still have not narrowed this one down yet. I don’t know if I need a 1080p for that screen size or if a 720p will work. For the 1080p options I have selected the following: Epson 8350, Panasonic PT-AR100u, Viewsonic Pro8300, Acer H6510BD, Optoma HD25, Optoma HD25-LV. 720p selections: Optoma HD66, Acer H5360, and Acer 5370BD. I really need help on this decision.
Means for video display: Ipad HDMI connection to HDMI connection on projector.

Audio: PA speakers. I am looking at the following speakers and wonder if anyone has heard of them.



Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I use an Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 707 (720p, 2800 lumens, 3000:1) on a 131" black out cloth screen. Plenty bright, decent contrast blu ray looks great. I was using a Sony Receiver with front & rear speakers but I just changed to an FM transmitter. I like not having to worry about disturbing the neighbors. Check out http://backyardtheater.com/forums/ for a ton of advice on outdoor theaters. Have fun.
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