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Klipsch Center Speaker options?

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Hi Guys, i'm new at this forum, well not exactly, i read it a lot! but this is the first time i write something, my name's Ray, and i have a question for you, i really hope you can help me with this...

I recently upgraded my Klipsch WF-35's to a RF-7ii, so, my 5.2set up is RF-7ii(bi-amp) as mains, WF-35's as rears, 2 Klipsch KSW 10 Subwoofers, and i have a polk audio CS1 as center channel speaker, powered by an Onkyo TX-NR 808 Receiver, i really don't like that much the polk audio sound so i'm going to replace the center channel; I can't afford the RC-64ii and i'm considering of buying either RC-42ii or RC-52ii, BUT i read here at the forums that the best center channel you can have is the one that match the mains, again, i can't afford a third RF-7ii, so the question is, what would you say if i use a RF-42ii or RF-52ii or even a third WF-35 as a center channel?

Thanks a lot for your comments!
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IMO, the RB-81 II and the RC-62 II are worth considering. Same make and same series, but relatively affordable.
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Thanks a lot! i'll keep an eye on both, just one question, why do you think its better to buy a book shelf rather than a Floor standing?
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No reason, other than a matter of space below the display. However, since you were considering towers for CC duty, I should have realized that space isn't an issue...in which case, the RF-52 II would be a solid choice.

I apologize for any confusion. smile.gif
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Thanks for your opinion, i forgot to post that i have a pair of celestion E5and other pair of celestion E2, what would be your opinion on any of these as center speakers?
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Mixing brands of speakers across your front soundstage is not recommended, but since you have them anyway, you might as well try them out. Can't hurt, and it'll cost you nothing other that a bit of time. smile.gif

-- Edit --
Those are some beautiful-looking speakers! cool.gif
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I'll try that, i love my celestions, they really sound nice, the pro's : i already have them, they are 3 way and sound real nice, and the only Con i have is that they are 4 ohm, and the receiver is set to 6 ohms, because klipsch are at 8 ohms, do you think that could be a problem?
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I wish I could answer that, but I honestly don't know. Hopefully someone else will be able to provide the right info.
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Eljay, thanks a lot for your time and your advice! Let me tell you, you have an excellent HT Set up, congrats!
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Glad to help, and I appreciate the compliments. smile.gif

And I hope you're able to get your CC problem resolved without too much hassle.
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Does any one have an opinion? Thanks!
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Try it.
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