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Video Wall Processors

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Hi all

I hope I've posted this in the right place.

I need a video wall processor but I'm having trouble finding the right thing.

I'm new to this so there's a good chance that I'm looking in the wrong place or
the thing I think I need is wrong.

I'm going to be installing 4 flat screen monitors in a fast food restauant and my boss wants
to have a video wall with the monitors.

There will be 4 monitors in landscape view in one line.

The controllers I have seen so far all seem to need an external input. Is that true for all video
wall processors?

Ideally, I would like just one stand-alone controller running the 4 monitors but I'm not sure if
this is even possible.

I'd also like to get the processor for less than $500.

Any advice would be greatly received.


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What do you want to display?

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I am new to this post / thread. Just noticed the initial thread was from 2013, almostĀ  a year ago. Anyway, I would like to know how it ended up.

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