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I recently purchased the Yamaha RX-V773 receiver and currently connecting my PC to it via HDMI and hoping I can do karaoke on it. I don't want to plug the microphone directly into the computer as it produces terrible voice quality. I have an old karaoke amplifier that can process the sound from microphone. I plug the karaoke amp into the receiver and able to make the receiver display video from HDMI connection and play sound from my karaoke amp. The problem is I can't get the sound from the computer which contains the music. How do I make this work?

I'm thinking I may need to get (if it exist) an HDMI splitter - one end is a female hdmi, the other is a hdmi and analog, plug the hdmi into the receiver, plug the analog into the amp, then the amp back into the receiver.

Another option I was thinking is buying a new karaoke power mixer that has HDMI capability, but it appears to be a little rare and expensive.

Please help me find an easier solution to this problem.

Thanks all!