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Can anyone help me to choose btw two modulators?

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I decided to set a new ZeeVee modulator, but I'm puzzled ...I can't understand the difference between these two HDb2520 2 channels and HDb2620 also 2 channels Can anybody help me to choose?? Thanx!
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you want the 2640 it supports 1080i and has up to 4 channels vs 2 and 720p
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Thanks for your answer. The difference is clear. But I want a 2 channel encoder modulator. If I purchase 2620, will it have the same 1080p/i resolutions as 2640?
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Always best to look at the manufacturer's website instead of some sales site...


Right there it lays out the four models for you in simplest differential terms...

•HDb2640 - 4 channel 1080p/i Component video
•HDb2620 - 2 channel 1080p/i Component video
•HDb2540 - 4 channel 720p Component video
•HDb2520 - 2 channel 720p Component video

So, if you want 1080i video from component, then get the 2620, if 720p is fine, then get the 2520.
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OOh, it's a good way out.Thanks
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I've found a lot of information about HDbridge Series on zeevee.com. Thanks. But unfortunately zeevee doesn't sell their products. https://www.hdwise.com/hdbridge2000 these guys sell it. Do you know anything about these resellers? Can I hope that the product they have is the same as for zeevee.com?
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You might ask them for a reseller near you - they have a request page for that on their site:


(also, you might want to look at the new ZvPro 620...)

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The price from hdwise is too low and they seem to be ZV resellers. Thanks for your advices!
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There are some ratings for them out there...


I would try to give them a call - see if they pick up the line. Then place your order.

The ZVPro620 seems to be just about the same price as the 2620, just in a different form factor. Still, if you need something a bit smaller, it certainly is an option.
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Thanks, I would try:)!
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Hi guys, Kai from ZeeVee here. Thanks for inquiring about, and helping each other to select our modulator. AV_Integrated was right on about the models, including the fact that the ZVPro620 and HDbridge 2620 are comparable in price. The architecture for both is nearly identical, key differences being:
  • Form factor: ZvPro is typically shelf mounted though there is an optional rack mount kit
  • ZvPro 620 cables (VGA or Component) must be ordered separately
  • New Delay Audio Matched Output feature on ZvPro can be helpful if you are connecting to a whole house audio system

Overall, HDbridge 2000 products are for high-channel headends and ZvPro products solve the need for just a few channels worth of content. They all work identically though, so once you know how to set up one of them you are good to go on any other model.

Feel free to contact our pre-sales (347) 851-7364 or tech support (877.493.3833) teams at any time.

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