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dvdo edge with an external 3D y/c comb filter question

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My comb filter in the TV is better than the one in the edge... HOWEVER the
edge has better picture adjustments than the Sony.. got me thinking.. WHAT
if I were to buy this MCM3310800, this is a video switcher/converter that
has a 3D Y/C comb filter inside of it... then ran it to the Edge to use it's
picture adjustments? I tested Austin Powers again last night, and the comb
filter in the TV delivered that scene where he jumps in there air and it was
rock solid.. but the picture was not as detailed as with the edge..


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What composite sources do you have left ?

I can pretty much guarantee you that the MCM33... box will cripple your source to a degree that the Edge can't do anything about it. If you want an external comb filter, go for a DVD recorder with a good comb filter. Composite input and 480i component output.
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Only laserdisc.. I tried a few dvd recorders, never had any luck with that route.
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I never did try one of those Toshiba dvd recorders.. maybe I should get one of those?
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I use a Pioneer and it's CF is the best one to date. Including every standalone CF I tried and every video processor I tried.
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What is the model number on the pioneer? Is this a 3d y/c comb?
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DVR-LX70D - it's a european model. Yes, it's a 3D CF. There are smaller (as in cheaper) Pioneer DVDRs out there with equally impressive comb filters.
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Thank you, I will start digging around for one.
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Another option, though more complex, is to use a broadcast decoder and feed the DVDO SDI. I use a Techniche DX210 which is actually a British product.

The king of high quality decoders, if you can find one, is the Accom DB221. This unit is a frame based comb filter but is switchable to line mode as well. Note this may only have a parallel digital output which will need an external serializer such as an old Miranda or AJA module. The Accom also has two frames of video delay when in frame comb mode so you would need to deal with that somehow if audio lip sync is important..

Just note that not all broadcast decoders are high quality. There were also plenty of utility grade units made for less critical needs such as news remote feeds to SDI.

These ultra high quality decoders such as the Techniche and Accom were mostly used in post production during the transition from NTSC to component digital in the 1990s and are obsolete today. There is no more R&D going into decoder and comb filter technology as NTSC is now dead from a broadcast prespective as well. Thus they can be found cheap or even free.
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"more complex" is the understatement of the year biggrin.gif
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Glimmie, thanks for the info.. I think that would be a bit beyond what I know how to do.. but I will dig around on it and see what I can find out.

Fudoh.. Your Pioneer is a European model... probably hard to find in the US.. is there a US model of your Pioneer? I believe I tried a pioneer 810 dvr/dvd recorder and it was pretty bad.. think that was why I gave up on Pioneer units.. could just be that one was not that great.
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can't help with the US models, sorry. But I would expect the last gen (before they dropped out making HDD recorders) to be equally good in the US. That are the ones that look like Pioneer's LX70 BD players.
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Ordered a Pansonic DMR-E20.. read that is supposed to have an amazing 3D Y/C comb filter.. will start there..
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So much for the famous Toshiba xs-35.. that comb filter that is supposed to be 3 d y/c was still not as good as in my Sony tv!
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Strike 2 on the Panasonic DMR-E50.. worse than the Toshiba.
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The Pioneer DVR models with HDD were never released in the US. However, they were sold in Canada which uses our NTSC system. They have model numbers like 450h, 550h and 460h-660h. European PAL units had an S at the end of the model number.

These Pioneer DVRs have excellent comb filters, better than a HLD-X9 with more adjustments. They are probably not as good as the Crystalio II which used a TI 5 line comb filter.

As far as the S9 vs X9, the X9 has less inherent video noise and uses a better laser which eliminates the color smearing seen on the non MUSE Hi-Vision units.
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