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2313CI, RX-V673, RX-V773

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Help with final selection on Network Receiver please! Going to be paired with an Arx speaker setup. Network features and android app integration are important along with Zone 2 operation. I think I have narrowed it down and now just trying to get the best bang for the buck. Thanks all!

Denon AVR-2313CI refurb $480

Yamaha RX-V673 new $400

Yamaha RX-V773 open box $500 or new $550

Pioneer SC-1222K new $500
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I am in a similar boat. I own the 673 and its great but if you want to play the same source out of both zones at the same time you will need to get the 773. Also the 773 has out to hook up a external amp. I owned the model up from the 1222 but returned it due to defects. It sounded great otherwise. Lots of people like the Denon on here, it has the best correction software but it doesn't have speaker outs. I would buy the 673 again in a heart beat, it sounds great and to my hears I liked it more than the Pioneers. If you wait a few days A4L will have Yamaha stuff, they might have a 1020 priced like a new 673? never know.
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Did you hear they were getting some in soon?
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Originally Posted by pwdump View Post

Did you hear they were getting some in soon?

grab the rx-a820 while its still on sale at newegg for 499.00 or get the rx-v773...both are very similar.

nevermind the a820 went off sale...might hold off till its back on sale or grab the 773 for 549.00. both are a good deal! also the 773 has multipoint measure to calibrate speakers for up to 8 seating posistions. that alone is worth it over the 673.
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That is a very good point, the measurement is better version. The same on on the A820 I thought? It also has the pre-outs if you wanted an separate amp. The UI is super easy for the Yamaha.

I might just get a 773 over the 3313. Save some money as I don't think having bass EQ will really make all that much difference. The 3313 will be louder a bit but the wife can only stand so much anyways.

My 673 is powering a set of Kef 3005 (small satellite speakers) and I have a dual 10' sub (not kef). bringing it to reference makes everyone cringe a bit. My room is also 8250 cubic feet. I think the 773 should be plenty loud.
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