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Originally Posted by sdurani View Post

If you stand them up vertically, then centre the stacked woofers at the quarter points of room width. If you lay them horizontally, centre the cabinet so that the drivers are on either side of that same line and the ports are facing out rather than each other.

Awesome.. .thanks.
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FYI- I plan to lay them down horizontal. So I will space the center of the box as you suggested.
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Originally Posted by sdurani View Post

To cancel those resonances, you can place a pair of subwoofers with the middle of their drivers exactly 8 feet apart. Since you'll probably be crossing over the subs at 80Hz or so, they won't be able to help cancel resonances above that frequency. In order to keep the next 3 modes from being excited, you'll have to use your main speakers, placing the middle of your L/R woofers exactly 10'8" apart.

Hello Sanjay-

How did you come to the calculation above? I get 10'6".

I want to double check.... speakers are about to be put in place.

Painted the room last night. Subs should be here this week or early next. smile.gif
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Don't remember where I got that number. You should check your room mode calculator chart.
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Thanks. You got it off a room mode calculator I thought.

I'm not confident that I understand it correctly. That's why I was double checking with you. I attached a picture with my room measurements and indicated the 16' width column with a black arrow.

If I read it correctly I would place the first speaker 2' 3/4" away from the wall, and the second speaker 13' 1/4 away from the wall.

Subtracting 13.25 from 2.75 = 10.5 or 10'6" , which is two inches off from your suggested number. Am I doing it wrong? Or was your number off 2" ?

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Looking at those numbers again, I must have been doing 2/3rd room width for the spread. I don't know if that calculator does thirds.
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You've said thirds for seating (odd) and quarters (even) for speakers.

Your subwoofer placement suggestion matches this calculator nicely, and the speaker placement is very close. You're suggestions state 'exactly'. A two inch variable isn't exact.

Any advice?
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"Even" means halves, quarters, sixths; the latter being the locations in your chart for the 3rd mode nulls, irrespective of the numbering system used on the graphic. Apparently they didn't feel in inch either way would be a problem, and neither should you. Your subs aren't at a precise point, each is covering a 4-foot wide area.
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Alright. Thanks
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Hi Sanjay-

Here's my theater thread- I've added a lot recently. It's moving along nicely.

It was after all built on many of your suggestions. I'd enjoy your input, if you have any. If not enjoy.

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Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post

The more I think about it the more I'd like to try and duplicate what a commercial theater has going.

You want lackluster bass, sub par sound, and a room full of annoying people talking on cell phones? cool.gif

Oh wait, that's my local theater. biggrin.gif
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