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High end - Large Venue xenon projector info needed

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some objective information from anyone who has experience with some of the big 3 chip Xenon projectors. Barco, DP, Christie, etc.

We have a big auditorium (college campus) and we have always be in the Sanyo, Panasonic camp but we are going up on the size of our screen and we are thinking of going in the direction of a xenon if we can swing the cost. (big if)

I would like to hear from you what your experiences are from the different brands. Cost of ownership, maintenance, special cooling issues, noise, etc. I'm sort of assuming they all look really good, but tell me what you like in that regard also.

Also, if anyone knows of any deals out there on slightly used units, please pass them on.


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How large is the screen you will be using ?

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Originally Posted by Art Sonneborn View Post

How large is the screen you will be using ?


Yeah he may need two, lol.
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We currently have a 20' screen but we are up sizing it. I think we have settled on 26' (16:9) but we have talked about 28 and 30. I think they would love 30, but the lumens per foot drop is a concern. It is a 6800 seat house.
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Sounds like big Barco or Christie are in order. If this is for a college, I would think that you should contact the manufacturers directly. Either company has solutions that can work with that size screen. Depending on the screen aspect ratio- DCI type machines aren't necessary- perhaps WXGA+ resolution instead. Otherwise, contact a local commercial integrator and see what they have to say- but I'd go to the manufacturers first since they can probably recommend an integrator as well.

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With a big Barco or Christie you'll need a chimney in the projection room. You'll also need to decide if you want 4K or 2K and whether 3D figures into the equation. A 4K 3-chip Christie with appropriate lens would probably come in somewhere north of $150K....exclusive of installation and calibration. 2K would obviously be less.
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But if the device is NOT DCI or even 2k (think AV or computer res vs theater presentation)- then the prices are not that high. It's only when you NEED to comply with DCI standards that those units are important.

A 30 foot wide screen can easily be filled well by a projector in the 20k-30k lumen range and still allow for a reasonable amount of ambient light.

Again, the OP is not talking about a commercial theater, or about showing DCI content- but an auditorium that resides in a college.

Here are a couple suggestions:
Barco HDQ-2K40 (40k lumen, 2K res. non-DCI)
Christie HD+35K (35k lumen, 2K res. non-DCI)

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You are exactly right in your assessment. Not cinema at all. IMAG and Powerpoint mostly. Once in a while a video of some kind.

We are looking at at Christie HD+35 - referb. Also, the Panasonic 20k is a possibility but with the bigger screen this would keep our lumens per foot about the same as we have now (20' screen, 12 k Panasonic). No one is crazy about keeping the lumens per foot the same on the bigger screen (it isn't bad now, but it doesn't "pop" and they would like it to).

Is a chimney necessary on a HD-35? It doesn't look like it.

Also, this is my understanding on the lamp issue:

The big christies and barcos take a single lamp (It appears so, but no where can I find and answer on that). Anyone?

Barco lamps are like 6 or 7 grand, but they "recondition" them for like half that. So you have to buy a spare and after that you are exchanging them with Barco for about $3500.

Christie lamps are about $2000. I don't know about any kind of exchange program.

Digital Projection, I don't know anything about the lamps.

I'm still waiting on hearing about B-Stock Barcos and Digital Projection. I know DP has some, just waiting on a quote from our dealer.
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If the 7kw lamp for HDQ-2K40 is really 6-7 grand I would rather get the DCI version DP2K-32B, if there is a price difference I doubt it is going to be big. The prices I have seen on an Ushio 6,5kw lamp for a DP2K-32B Barco have been around 1,5k. You could also get the 23B that is a bit cheaper and still has 24500 lumens.

You always need some kind exhaust extraction for lamps at this wattage. I've heard from one who ran a 7Kw xenon in a booth without proper exhaust and the temperature quickly rose over 50°C/122°F

You should also look into what kind of filters the projectors use, some use hepa filters that do work better but needs to be regularly replaced and they can cost several hundreds.
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DPI launched a 40K lumens projector stack at the beginning of the year, also an option for 16:9, non-4K, 709 colourspace (multiple UHP lamps), non DCi secure connection projection on a sizable screen. Perhaps there's a reason why DPI dealer Dan Francis did not include DPI among his suggestions?

"After spending time gathering market feedback a
brand new rigging frame has been designed with an
innovative method to combine two Titan Super
Quads to create a 40,000 Lumen projector stack in
a quick and efficient manner."

Yes, the Xenon lamp projectors are single lamp projectors, the bigger UHP lamp units, like the Panasonics and DPI projectors use four UHP lamps with some kind of light integration.
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I didn't suggest DPI or Panasonic because the cost for UHP is pretty much the same as the larger xenon- and in my opinion xenon>UHP.

Considering what DPI charges for their UHP modules- I'd rather invest in the Ushiio Xenons for Barco or Christie.

Plus, you might say that the Christie base for our Display Development HD5 has "opened my eyes".

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The big boy's are always nice, indeed Dan.

Rich, I have seen the 4K 35K lumens commercial unit at a trade show when it was launched. It was in a closed off booth projecting through a retroprojection screen, and it does indeed put out a lot of heat, but in a 6800 seat auditoriom, you could probably suffice with one of those fan units ón the projector's output the manufacturers use during demos and shows, a 6800 seat hall is quite a buffer. If you have mechanical ventilation in place... But do ask an expert, the manufacturer or an user with such an implementation, to make sure.
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