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Cat 6 Phone Lines - keystone port and jumps?

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total noob here. newly built house, i wired up a leviton media enclosure with the cat 6 24 port twist and mount patch panel, phone panel, etc - have 16 ethernet runs and 8 phone runs (ethernet runs are cat 6a, phone runs are cat 6).

question - i want to use keystone jacks (leviton). how to jump phone lines off the first cat 6 to another line next to the bed, desk etc? connect blue pairs, i know, but how EXACTLY?

thanks, any help is appreciated.
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Make a tee with one leg coming from the panel, one going to the first jack, and one going to the second jack.
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Do you have room for a few more jacks in the panel? If so, you can take a few jacks, and wire the blue pair in parallel through each one. That way when you plug a live line into any of those, the rest will be active as well, and can be patched out to any phone run to want. If that's not clear, I can explain further.

Fixed typo, thanks SAM64
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and wire the blue pair in series through each one.

Don't wire it in series, wire it in parallel, otherwise it won't work wink.gif
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RJ-45 Keystones will accept RJ-11 male plugs. You can also get RJ-45 to RJ-11 adapters, that plug into the jack, so you can connect a phone to the jack. The choice is really yours in how you do it. Personally I prefer one base station phone with remote cordless handsets on charger bases, than a bunch of tethered phones all over the house. Figure a phone in the Kitchen, one in the office, one in the Main bedroom, and maybe another in the living room.

You can also change the RJ-45 Keystones over to RJ-11 if you wish, but it is easier to just use all RJ-45 jacks, and then use the adapters at where the phones will plug in. As for the other end, you would need a telephone patch panel, that you can jumper from the incoming telephone lines to whatever keystone you have a phone at.

Now of course the better option is just go with a VoIP setup and do away with conventional phone sets, or just do like the majority and use cellular phones, but have one phone on POTS for backup, in case you lose power and the local cell towers go down.
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