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Now before you guys start booing and throwing old projector parts at me lol, I know this probably falls under the catagory of 'Who cares ?' but I was just curious. I started my pj hobby w/the PT100, a 50 lumen LED toy pj basically (thanks to EatMeat) but was really impressed for what it could do. With little or no light, 70" was actually usable, even with darker movies like the latest Batman series so I have a weird fondness for these little guys.

So far there have been 3 models, the PT100, 105 and 110, or 50, 75 and 100 lumens respectively. Does anyone with industry info know if Optoma plans to keep pushing the Playtime series with a little more output? I have a Panasonic AX-100u but the iris is wonky and I don't use it enough to spend the $400 that Heartland wants so I've been thinking of picking up another PT series pj for the time being (can't ceiling mount or tripod mount in my office, otherwise I'd snag a 300-700 lumen LED)

So anyway, just wondering if there might be a PT115 or PT120 anytime this year with maybe 125-200 lumens? These guys have just the right throw ratio (1.9-2.1) for my wall shelf mounting (behind me and above my head) and for around $200, it's no big loss.