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Pros and cons of refubs

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So Onkyo has a great deal on a refurb unit. Is it worth it? What are your experiences with a refurbished unit?
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Just like going to Vegas and playin the slots..biggrin.gif
Pull the handle and hope for the best..

Buying refurbs (B-stock) one can save $ but has its risks..
If there is a technical issue, who pays the freight?
Make double sure all of the accessories are included such as AC cord, primary remote control, EQ microphone.

Also verify its warranty (parts, labor, shipping costs), noting that most issues show up in the 1st 2 months.

Just my $0.02... 😉👍
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I'd have no issue if it's a factory refurb with a decent warranty.
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They offer a 1 yr warranty and 2 yr extended for 85. It comes direct from Onkyo
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Check the model you're contemplating and see if it has known issues such as the HDMI board failing.
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I buy refurb every chance I get. 2 tvs, computer, projector, etc and never had an issue.
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2 refurb receivers ( denon) 3 times in for repairs other than that and the fact that you have to ship them out for repairs ( your dime) they've been ok. Ymmv. Cheers, Mac
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Ok so the model I am considering is the 818 for $500
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I've bought 4 refurbed receivers from ac4l.com over the years without any problems. Great value compared to new. I've also had very good luck with used receivers. But everything comes with a risk. New, used, refurbished. These things are getting real complex. It's all a gamble.

I don't see the Onkyo 818 anywhere for $500. That would be a really great deal.
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