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Bookshelves + Sub or decent towers for apartment?

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I live in an apartment and want to get a sub or some beefier towers as I only have a set of Cambridge S30's hooked up to a Denon 2112CI.
They are awesome little bookshelves but I need some bass for music and HT

I have wood floors and don't want to disturb the downstairs neighbor too much but its time for some more bass in my life!!
The space is a joined living area and kitchen which is 23 x 13 = 2392cuft

I was looking at something like the Rythmik LV12R for $5-600 and keeping the S30's and getting a matching center.
Or swapping the S30's out for something like the Ascend CMT340's but not sure they have enough base by themselves?
Are there other tower speaker options that might be worth considering that are $5-600 or so?

Not really sure which way to go here and any advice would be appreciated
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Since you like your speakers, add a sub.
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Well IF you choose to go with the 340's and the Rythmik sub, Ascend is having a Memorial Day sale right now.
Since you have wood flooring you should consider using a sub riser as it will help to de-couple the bass, lessen sound reflection and possibly tighten the bass response. Another sub in the price range you are looking at would be the SVS PB-1000, which is a 10" sub and might be plenty for your apartment and for a little more than the Rythmik is the SVS SB-12NSD at $649 which is a 14"x14" sealed 12" sub.
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+1 getting a sub to use with the S30's in a 2.1 for now. They are little gems (I have a pair as my bedroom speakers).

+1 upgrading (now or later) to Ascend 340's as LCR, but you would still need a sub

++1 the sub riser - it also gets rid of most floor vibrations, very helpful in an apartment

+1 for the Rhythmk or SVS subs mentioned - you can't go wrong with either. (I happen to own the SVS SB12-NSD and would easily recommend it for an apartment - it is very detailed and accurate so you can hear everything clearly when played at lower volumes.)

I wouldn't recommend getting a center for the S30's at least until you hear the S30/sub 2.0 setup. Plus, if you do decide to upgrade your LCR front three at some point the S30's would make fantastic surrounds wink.gif
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The S50 is an excellent center speaker.

I use the NHT B12D sub which is also a sealed 14-inch cube, in a Piano Black finish.

It is one of the best I have heard, and it goes for $695.
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