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Need receiver advice

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Greetings fellow audiophiles, I'm new here and this is my first post. My name is Bob and I am addicted to music, specifically vinyl:). I'm getting a project carbon turntable, klipsch RB 51 II speakers and a BELLARI - VP130 TUBE PHONO preamp. My only conundrum is that I'm having trouble finding the right receiver for my setup. I have looked/researched a bit and have narrowed it down to a few, they are as follows:

1. Yamaha RX V-573
2. Sony STR DN1030(maybe the 1040)
3. Denon AVR 1913

Which one would be the best noise for the buck? Are there any other models/brands that you would recommend. I have roughly $600 to spend give or take. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Any of the receivers would work for you. I'd suggest adding a subwoofer.....
If you want to spend $600:

Check the power supply on the vp130 - some hum issues reported:

Pros: Great sound at a fraction of the price, looks great, Made in the USA

Cons: The included third-party items (Power Supply and Tube), No off switch on the unit

Rolls built one hell of a nice pre-amp at this price point but they made the mistake of bundling it with a crappy power supply and a mediocre tube.

The included power supply doesn't provide enough current for stable output. It should be replaced immediately with a proper 15v supply. The Enercell 15v power supply from Radio Shack and the M size tip (Radio shack part numbers 273-332 and 273-344) have already been recommended here and work well.

The included tube is a Ruby 12AX7 which is flat compared to other tubes I have tried. I'm using a JJ Electronics 12AX7 / ECC83 Preamp Vacuum Tube in mine right now and it is much better.

The price is a bit lower than retail here on Amazon which I feel helps to make up for some of the lackluster items in the bundle. I'm still giving it five stars because it really does deserve it.

If you're willing to spend the additional $50 for great sound, buy this pre-amp you wont regret it. It produces warm, smooth sound that makes my friends jealous.
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I would go with Denon in this price range, but not the 1913 as it uses the less advanced MultEQ. Go with the 1713 or 2113 and up as they use MultEQ XT.
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I suggest buying it there as they give you an extended period to test it out.
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yamaha rx-a820 on sale at newegg for 499.00
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+1 on the newegg Yamaha deal. I told my neighbor about it and he bought one. It sounded great and seemed to be a pretty good unit. He is new to HDMI units so he asked if the AVR was making his picture look better on the tv. I had to explain how video processing worked.
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Thanks fellas,Im definitely going to upgrade the preamp and Im gonna get the Denon,I will look into the Yamaha though.
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ok, checked out the Yamaha and I like it,now it's a toss up between the Yamaha rx-a820 and the denon 2313. Guess Ill flip a coin.
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I vote for the Yamaha. I've got the A720 and love it. I especially like its connectivity. The iOS remote apps are great.
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got the denon and the preamp upgrades from radio shack. Ill do a post on it to tell you guys how well it works. Thanks again for all the advice fellas.
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heres pics of my setup,feel free to give any constructive criticism, you guys were spot on with everything.

some cleaning stuff, I got the vinyl washer that I will mainly use

I may hook up the Polk speakers
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Originally Posted by cyclone72 View Post

heres pics of my setup,feel free to give any constructive criticism, you guys were spot on with everything.

I may hook up the Polk speakers

Nice tone arm - how is everything working?
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Originally Posted by myoda View Post

Nice tone arm - how is everything working?

It's awesome, I replaced some of the cheaper cables with some gold plated ones. I still need to hook up my polks.
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Is it possible any audiophiles here could help me too?
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