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To the moon...and back theater

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I don't think this is a build thread exactly, but more like all my stuff in one place smile.gif where we are starting. 12x15 existing basement room. Kitchenette and unfinished game room[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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those kids look happy! what were they watching? or are they taking a break from facebooking.....
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They are faking smile.gif this was before the movie and I said "give me an "I'm watching an awesome movie" look" biggrin.gif
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Ok here is what we are working on: getting new seats. These are the la-z-boy marquee seats. We got them from Craigslist for $125. We figured it was worth the gamble. They were filthy and had a funny smell ( we think its from the Gene Simmons impersonator whom we bought it from sweat and hair products). A good steam clean and alcohol scrub down did the trick!

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We are aiming for something between this:
And this:
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We worked in the wine room/concession area this weekend. Moved the electric panel so it would no longer be behind where our new cabinets are going. The cabinets were free from Craigslist biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by megdagooch View Post

We are aiming for something between this:
And this:

Love your version of 2nd and 3rd row seating.. That is very creative biggrin.gif
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LEDs came in the mail today. I'm like a big kid playing smile.gif
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The kids were surprised with the projector for movie night tonight. Feet...movie...fire smile.gif
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First 3D movie last night. Yes, he theater is not finished. We will be ordering the screen soon and today we are opening the pool. So no work on the theater this weekend
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Sub panel moved. I'll have outlets in this room for the first time!!!no more extension cords all over! The barely visible corner outlet is for a microwave and to run a power strip under the side cabinets. The outlet right next to it is for an under cabinet power strip for the concession appliances like sno cone, cotton candy, and other fun snack machines. The last outlet is where the coke fridge will plug in. More outlets and lighting still need to be installed. Its amazing how long it takes to install outlets!!!at
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Mister is still adding outlets. I distracted him from his work with a list of lumber I wanted him to cut and carry downstairs for me. 2 people doing the math ended up in a mis translation somewhere and there was an issue with some wrong lumber sizes but in the end it worked out. In order to keep the room something that might be other than a dedicated theater room someday, we chose to not remove the baseboard heater and build the riser around it.
Me needing some help holding my corners due to a fractured finger. Took me awhile to figure out how to work with that.
My goofball kid showing me how her horse would walk over the riser (I don't get it either but she thought it was funny smile.gif)
And what I'm a photographer!?!? This isn't how I'm supposed to light my work area!?
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The Coke fridge did not chill or light up when we bought it. Got the part in this week and it is now an official 100% working fridge!!!
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This weekend was HOT. What a good time to do some theater work! The steps down
We finished most of the riser. We need to make a trip to a big box store for our second layer of plywood this is how it will be for now. The second layer will be applied when we get the carpetwe are taking a break after today. Today we will hang the projector and put up surround sound. The theater will stay like this for the rest of the summer. We will focus our attention on the concession stand/wine room and take some time off to enjoy the summer. We have a camper, pool and some new kayaks that need some attention smile.gif
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Threw something together for a kids movie night

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Would anyone like to share their opinions on carpet tiles? This is an existing room and we are redoing MOST of the basement with just making it a fun place for now. There has been random flooding issues in the past. Twice we're from broken pipes from ABOVE. So for now a lot of stuff will be either temporary until we can afford to upgrade or replaceable, in case of any flooding. So instead of a regular carpet install I decided to go with tiles, so if there is water I can replace only damaged tiles.
The walls are dark brown, the couch is called tan but I'd say more of a light grey/white and the trim, screen wall and ceiling will be black. The maroon curtains will be the screen curtains and the sound panel fabric.
I would like to decide on carpet so I can put money away and know what the design theme of the room will be. Also, a few of these are limited quantities, so even though the carpet will be last on my to do list I might be ordering it sooner than later.
I'd love to hear what you think:
Left to right is: black plush, lighter black Berber, a red and orangey red chevron, maroon and lighter maroon plaid, black with hot pink and red stripes (the hot pink blends better than the photo shows) and a light brown plush.
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The colors are a personal choice, but I think that if you have experienced floodding, you may want to rethink the tiles. They may be a lot harder to get up than you think. And then you have to deal with the glue residue. I'm just sayin'! And putting down the new ones will not match up color/wear-wise with the old ones.

Great find on the chairs!
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I have no idea on the colors! I was hoping someone had a similar color scheme they could chime in on. Last night my dehumidifier leaked into the theater. Just a few inches, but this is the crap that happens to me! Just BAD LUCK! What would you recommend instead of carpet tiles?
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Having had two MAJOR floods, I went with wall-to-wall. But the carpet I picked is synthetic and has what's known as "action backing." IF I flood again, I can pull up the carpet and dry it out and have it put back down and re-stretched. I was originally looking at carpet at 3 times the price. Im just as happy with the pattern and I can replace it twice and still come out even.

Fortunately, BOTH floods happened BEFORE I got the carpet down, but I DEFINIETLY took flooding into consideration. I ordered a theater-type carpet and a buddy of mine installed it. You can probably find a carpet that would work in your situation for not much more than you are paying for tiles. Although, after that deal on the chairs and cabinets, maybe not!

It's a chance you take in a basement with water "issues." I put down a laminate in half of my room. But it was a cheap one, just in case....you know what happens. I may have to replace the laminate, but I'm 99% sure I can save the carpet. If the tiles are cheap enough and you can install yourself, maybe it's worth it. Put them down and hopefully, you'll never have another flood. That's what I'm hoping.

I guess I'm just saying to check the glue..how "permanate" is it? Can they be pulled up after months/years?

Personally, I'm partial to the reds and the stripe. I'm not seeing the two black/grays on the left or the one on the far right working.
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Thank you for the time you took to let me know your situation and share your opinion! We had one waist high flood and one ankle high and a whole bunch of stupid little water leaks. We are getting the leaks taken care of as they happen but with the age of the house and this new weather pattern ( I live in upstate NY where 2 years ago August our next town over was all but washed away by flood and the recent flooding took out many more homes in another neighboring community) I'm not very confidant that we are safe from water issues.
I am on a mission to get a deal!!!!! The one red one is .89 a square foot. And I'm leaning towards the reds also. I think for the price I need to really consider that one. The samples aren't all tiles, the cheap one is tho. Thanks for your vote!
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My labor of love. The chairs I got an amazing deal on needed to be cleaned. And even though I steam cleaned them they still smelled like Gene Simmons straight out of a bar ( the previous owner was in a Kiss band) so I tested one chair last week with a detergent scrub. Not only did it smell amazing it brightened the grey/white quite a bit. A lot of scrubbing is involved so last night I did 2 seats (with the help of my super great 6year old helper!)
Mister is working on the HTPC and this came in the mail today for 3D glasses charging
There was something else but I forget now. Next up is research for acoustic treatments, and working on getting the candy counter together.
Also getting some of the old cabinets out so we can have some room in the game room or as the kids call it "the disco room" smile.gif
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On a slightly AVS related note; we are replacing our video baby monitors with a survalence system. Now who and when will this install happen!?!! (We managed 1 cam in the theater to keep an eye on the kids. It was easy with the DVR in the next room and the rooms unfinished )
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One for the game room area and we have a different one for the concession stand that will have "ticket" prices for how many tickets each candy and soda is worth. (You would think 3 sick kids more than once would stop the candy raid...nope)
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And in the concession area
I also decided to run LED lights in the poster frame because fixing the existing was just too much stuff to order and do. and last for today I took down the door and put up black out curtains. I think I'm going to switch to black velvet instead. It will be nice for sneaking out to the concession stand and not having to open the door [IMG]
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Any ideas on what I can do with the barn siding? I get compliments on it but I need a finish or something. One wall has several boards stained a dark color. So I can't keep it natural and have to match the stain or paint them
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What we are working on

And tomorrow a case of wine arrives to fill up our wine racks in the concession area smile.gif
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A corner in the game room for rock and roll or karaoke if you can't play. Soon to be updated with lights and a mic stand. The guitar is new epiphone les Paul
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Really enjoying watching your progress. Keep it coming.
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Oh wow! I didn't think anyone noticed!!! Lol! We are supposed to work on the outside fire pit and painting the swing set this weekend, but we can never keep away from our basement project. It's kinda crazy how much fun we are having doing this! Now that a progress report is requested ill have to make sure we get something done worth showing off! This is a great motivator!!!! Thanks!
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I wanted to have an awesome update and thought I'd get the lights in, which I have been waiting to do, but a few things came up. One is the kids Christmas present. Pictured without seats.
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