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Simple 25GB Compression Software?

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I'm sure this has been asked somewhere on this forum, but at the risk of appearing very dumb....is there any "simple" to use software out there (similar to 1C**** DVD) that will allow one to simply copy a 25+ GB sized BluRay DVD down to a 25 GB maxed single layered DVD (automatic compression)? I tried 1C**** BluRay beta today but after ripping the original BluRay DVD and inserting a 25 GB blank BluRay disc, the program said something like "Not enough room - Insert a 50 GB blank disc". This program has no compression.mad.gif

25GB BR discs are getting within reach biggrin.gif while 50 GB blank discs are still in the stratosphere (for most of us)!mad.gif

Thanks for reply(s)
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The most cost effective approach these days is to rip to movie-only on a HDD and use a media player. Only really practical for 2D at the moment.

What's the point of HD if you are going to sacrifice quality and time with additional compression, just to fit on affordable media?
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Most places I've seen online are around $3/disc when you buy in bulk (25+). It's not as cheap as DVD, but $3 isn't a lot if you're really concerned about backing up your discs to physical media. Honestly, IanD is correct in that you'll spend a lot less and have much faster results if you just back up your discs to hard drives. Give up nothing, quality or content.
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Try BD Rebuilder.. I've had no issues working with it
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