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Another Newb Q - Help me choose

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Pretty new to home theater. I'm having my basement finished and am setting up a media room. Attached below is a sketch of the TV Wall. Only difference from reality will be there aren't windows on each side of TV. I changed location to avoid that problem. For perspective, the TV will be 70 inches:

The room is 16' wide by 13' deep. The right side of the room when facing the TV is wide open. Other 3 sides are walls. I'll have carpet and soft furniture in the room. I already have the BIC F12 Sub. Likely will be placed on left side of room. Budget for the 3 mains + 2 ceiling is ~$300-500.

Now, I'm trying to decide on my mains and surrounds. I'm basically stuck for in-ceiling for rear surrounds because the ceiling drops to accommodate HVAC. And, as you can see, Towers aren't really an option for the fronts. Primary purpose will be TV (lots of sports) & Movies. Here's what I'm thinking about:

Option 1: BIC DV62si Bookshelves for L&R with the DV62CLRS in the center. The cubby below the TV will hold the center and I can modify to accommodate since it's not built yet.
Option 2: BIC FH65-B Bookshelves for the L&R with BIC FH6-LCR in the center.
Option 3: Polk TSi100 for Bookshelves and Polk CS10 for the Center.

I'm leaning towards Option 2 as I liked the horns on the Klipsch while in store, but I don't like (actually my wife doesn't!) the idea of a 17" tall speaker flanking each side of TV. That's pretty big. I guess I could maybe custom build them into the 1st shelf down....

So, are Option 1 better than Option 2? If so, that at least settles on an all BIC setup. Then, for Home Theater, do you think I'd notice significant differences between Option 1 and Option 2? Finally, Do you think I'd have any issue filling the room with sound with any of these options?


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What kind of amp?
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