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Suggestions on AVR to replace Sony STRDG1000?

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Having set up my parents' new TV, they need an HDMI receiver, so I'm planning on giving them my 6yo Sony STRDG1000 that has served me well, but is seriously lacking in (among other things) HDMI inputs and Blu-ray sound decoding. So now I'm in the market for a new receiver that's a noticeable upgrade. I'm currently powering a 5.1 system with Ascend 170s and 340s and a Hsu VTF2mk3, although I'm in an apartment so I can't get super loud. I'd need at least 4 HDMI inputs, and would like to decode DD+/TrueHD/DTS-HD:MA/etc. It also needs to have a 6-channel input for my old but still-used SACD/DVD-Audio player. Optional but very nice would be a room EQ system like Audyessy, 7.1 upgradability, and a decent interface. What is not necessary is any multizone, upconverting, or multi-sub outputs. If it makes a difference (doubtful), I will be getting a next-gen gaming/media system, likely the PS4. Use breakdown is about 50% movies (of all kinds, new and old, obscure to Michael Bay), 30% gaming (both PC and console), and 20% music (again, including SACD and DVD-A).

Ideally, I'd look to spent $500 or under, but if there's a good deal on a truly great AVR I could probably go as high as $700. I usually just shop via Amazon (I have a Prime account), but am open to other stores, and though I don't have a membership with Costco/Walmart I have friends and family that do, so feel free to suggest deals there as well.
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analog multichannel inputs are getting pretty rare on current models. You'll find them on many Marantz models though but not many in your price range.

This 5007 might be right up your alley.

If networking isn't important you could get the Marantz sr5005 for even less.

The sr5007 has Audyssey MutlEQ XT while the 5005 has Audyssey MultEQ which is one step down.
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