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Outdoor Antenna Grounding

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Sorry if this has already been asked -- I haven't found a clear answer.

Should the grounding wire be insulated or not?
Would ~ 6-gauge uninsulated aluminum or 10-gauge insulated GXL copper wire be better? The grounding wire will likely have to be routed along some painted aluminum gutters, if that makes a difference.

Grounding block is already in place from a previous insulation.
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If you mean grounding the mast, it shouldn't matter, but in either case, you of course have to avoid having aluminum and copper making contact with one another, so you would have to attach the aluminum ground wire to some part of the ground electrode system that it would not react with. You couldn't just clamp it to a copper ground rod using a copper clamp.

I don't think you're allowed to ground the coax outer conductor wirh aluminum wire under the current revision of the NEC (aka: "the code"). At one time, the code required the outer conductor to be grounded with solid, insulated copper wire, but more recent code editions no longer require it to be solid or insulated. Many coax ground block holes are not large enough for 6 gauge wire, and there would also be the possibility of bi-metal reaction between the ground block and the aluminum ground wire.
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This subject has been covered before, click here for one of the threads.
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