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Dual voltage DAC & integrated amp for B&W 684

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I am looking for a DAC+integrated AMP for my B&W 684 and appreciate input from the experts.I mostly stream music and have just a bluetooth Bose speaker today.

Here are my constraints
1. No other choice for speaker, let's say I got the B&W 684 for free.
2. I need dual voltage equipments as I will return back to India very soon so brands like Marantz, Denon, Onkyo and most others are out. I already checked at the shops
3. Budget is $1500 max, would prefer to keep it lower if possible
4. room dimension - 13ftX18ft main hall in my apartment which will have furniture.

I searched over the net, read a lot and zeroed on the following options but did not listen to any as yet since I have not found any place where I can listen to the combination

Option - 1 Peechtree decco65 ($999) or nova125 ($1499) - both are fine as they are under $1500

Option - 2 Rega Brio R ($900) + DAC (??) - haven't searched but I hope I can find a good DAC for $500. the Rega DAC is over my budget

Option - 3 Emotiva XPA-200 ($499) + XDA-2 ($399) - almost every post says spend more on the amp but here there is a $500 amp for a $1000 speaker so I am confused.

option - 4 Arcam fmj A19 ($999) + DAC (??) - Haven't figured the DAC but Arcam DAc is way over my budget

Questions for the experts
1. Any suggestion on which combination is preferable? Any other known brand suggestion is ok but I am not looking for very niche products as I won't be able to get them serviced in India.
2. Is the power rating of 50watt to 65watt (except for Emotiva) sufficient to drive B&W684. I have read at many places that they are hard to drive and you should get a high watt amp.
3. DAC options if the suggestion is Rega or Arcam.
4. I live in Chiago so if you know a place where I can listen to any of these combination that would be great. I went to audioconsultants at evanston but they only have Arcam brand.I also went to promusica but he only showed me a niam ($2200) .
Thanks for your help
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